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US Veteran goes 'Postal,' accuses NYPD of COWARDICE!
by major mitchell Sunday, Oct 16 2011, 10:02pm
international / social/political / other press

Messin' with highly trained Veterans is not smart.

A US veteran RIGHTLY accuses sadistic, brutal NYPD of COWARDICE at 'Occupy' demo in Times Square NYC. Veterans are acutely aware of JUSTICE and principle, first hand! If you want this movement to EXPLODE in your faces then continue on your BRUTAL and oppressive, UNDEMOCRATIC course! The PEOPLE have woken to the FACTS and there is NO GREATER SOCIAL FORCE than an aware and angry population. Arrest CRIMINAL BANKERS, Transnational CORPORATISTS and their PUPPET Politicians, NOW -- WE WILL RESTORE LAW, REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY and OUR NATIONS!

WE are ONE -- We are MANY and we WILL PREVAIL!

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by Hang 'em Sunday, Oct 16 2011, 10:18pm

Hang the PROVEN criminal minority that promote permanent war, division, conflict in order to hide their crimes of criminal appropriations, THEFT and MASS MURDER. Our governments have been hijacked and politicians serve criminal MINORITY interests against the will and best interests of the MAJORITY.

Are YOU reading this Keating, Hawke, Howard, Rudd, Gillard and the rest -- you vile, cockroach scum?

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