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Ruling Elites, Executives and other social Parasites begin to worry as Protest movement goes GLOBAL
by quin Saturday, Oct 15 2011, 9:56pm
international / social/political / commentary

The KNOWN parasitic filth that exploits the masses, the environment – everything -- and drags entire nations into needless wars on FALSE pretences and LIES; that pollutes the environment and destroys everything it touches in order to turn a financial PROFIT, is beginning to worry! Their corporate mass media is attempting to manage public perceptions yet again. All manner of deflections and evasions are today evident in the reporting of the GLOBAL protests against self-serving, CRIMINAL Banker, Executive and minority ruling elites.

When in doubt always apply the foolproof KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle to ‘perception management’ tricks; simply ask yourself whether the WORLD would be better off without criminals that promote division, permanent war, plunder, theft, exploitation and a myriad other crimes against society and humanity and you will arrive at the obvious conclusion. No nation or society needs a parasitic class of vile criminals, in fact every nation must eradicate these destructive forces if it would progress in a peaceful, sustainable and harmonious manner.

After reaching certain conclusions certain remedial actions must be applied – HANG ‘EM! After due process in People’s Courts – today, western legal institutions are as corrupt as western lackey governments.

Restore our nations and social democracies -- restore the GLOBE.

We are ONE.


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