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Which nation will be the first to Hang a criminal Banker?
by noose Saturday, Oct 15 2011, 1:07pm
international / social/political / commentary

I could tell you the last though it should be the first -- America!

Global solidarity with the NY 'Occupy' movement drew tens of thousands of 'indignants' onto the streets in Rome; acutely aware of who is responsible for all the economic ills and illegal wars, Italian demonstrators were unable to contain their frustration and began rioting, breaking bank windows and torching a few cars. These actions were a CLEAR signal warning that Europeans, unlike whipped-dog, passive Americans, have had it up to their throats with the criminal, Executive, Corporatist, Banker elites.

The grandiose plans of Bankers and neo-cons to manage (ENSLAVE) society with DEBT and harness the globe with centralised Reserve Banking has CLEARLY FAILED. If the criminal elites do not wake to the fact that they are receiving a very clear warning and that the RUSE is OVER, then the title of this piece will become REALITY.

Traitorous, unrepresentative, minority-serving puppet politician will become the most dangerous job on the planet and the executive criminal class will either abandon their criminal enterprises and close the wealth disparity gap or suffer extremely harsh consequences if not total removal.

The ABSURD CHARADE IS OVER, no human being is justified or entitled to exploit the weak, defraud the masses and take/steal more than their fair share -- it's that simple. Those that believe it is their right to live at the expense of others or exploit the weak are invited to explain why!

The world will see all white-collar criminal scum hanging from light poles before you can say 'humanitarian intervention,' or 'weapons of mass deception,' you VILE, CRIMINAL FILTH!

This ain't paralysed, co-opted, American 'Occupy Wall Street,' this is the GLOBAL population DEMANDING and FIGHTING for their RIGHTS! 'You' wanted GLOBALISM and a 'New World Order', we are giving you a global social REVOLUTION. It's a pity ruling elites are NOT part of the new equation -- choke on it!


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    Mass media attempting to deflect by renaming     otis     Sat, Oct 15 2011, 9:06pm 

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