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How to Identify a REAL Protest Movement from a Fake
by watson Saturday, Oct 15 2011, 2:20am
international / social/political / commentary

Protest Movements by definition M-O-V-E in clearly defined directions with clearly outlined OBJECTIVES -- propelled of course by clearly defined strategies/plans on how to achieve those objectives.

Regardless of the degree of initial social impact, real protest movements are nevertheless easily recognisable as effectively OPPOSING existing political groups, institutions and ideologies -- they are effective from the start by virtue of the fact they ENGAGE in ACTIVE physical and/or ideological RESISTANCE, opposition/conflict with perceived adversarial political structures/systems or organisations. Encounters between oppositional forces produce unmistakable results -- refer to the historical record for verification.

Fake protest 'movements' on the other hand achieve NOTHING as they lack the most critical elements required for success, especially the socially KINETIC principles and means by which CHANGE is effected. Put simply -- no demands, no direction; no direction, no result; no movement, no change, etc!

No need to ask yourselves why the 'Occupy' movement is failing to effect real change, as no DEMANDS FOR CHANGE have been made. Therefore the protest is reduced to an IMPOTENT 'sit-in,' spectacle -- nothing new here, sit-ins were probably invented long before 60's sit-ins made them a popular spectacle; however, we should never forget that sit-ins were a media attracting adjunct to DIRECT PROTEST ACTION in the 60's and as history records, direct action and vigorous, sustained DEMANDS resulted in the successful withdrawal of Western military forces from Vietnam -- a 'little' body bag help from freedom fighter, Ho Chi Minh, assisted the successful GLOBAL protest movement at the time.

Whereas the 'Occupy' movement in the USA has clearly been infiltrated, co-opted and neutralised. I leave you to ruminate over the following video as proof of claim. The action-neutralising speaker in the video is a known quantity and has a history of 'professional protest' creation tailored to the needs of his paying clients in Washington -- he is only one of many COINTELPRO agents at work ensuring that protests remain spectacle only. Meanwhile, Obama has authorised a US troop presence in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

To paraphrase an ultra-right-wing neo-con, whose name escapes me at the moment, 'while you people do all the analysing, recording and discussing of events we continue to create events and change the course of history!'

At this stage 'the whole world is watching' aimless and strategy-bereft, 'Occupy' protesters achieving NOTHING whatsoever; nevertheless, things COULD change at any time by adopting active principles, following REAL SOLUTIONS and eliminating PARALYSING forces.


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    Obama sends 100 troops to 'fight Ugandan rebels'     staff report via stele     Sat, Oct 15 2011, 8:50am 

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