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Occupy the GLOBE!
by nano Thursday, Oct 13 2011, 10:39am
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The greatest advantage of leaderless, decentralised, open movements is that they are able to spread much faster than organised, structured movements. All nations and all cultures are connected DIGITALLY, the cyber world is borderless and universal by DEFAULT – unhampered by formulated restrictions and structures it becomes the perfect medium for a borderless, global revolution/movement. People everywhere are able to target a KNOWN, COMMON, GLOBAL ENEMY, Transnational Corporatists and Banksters! Today, these criminal elites rule the world via governments they have bought and thoroughly corrupted. For example, in the past 48 hours the Australian government, AGAINST the WILL of over 60% of the population, LEGISLATED (legally imposed) a Carbon PENALTY economy on the nation for the benefit of Bankers and to the disadvantage of almost everyone else – OUTRAGEOUS!

The insufferable Oz Lackey PM, Juliar Gillard
The insufferable Oz Lackey PM, Juliar Gillard

Nevertheless, it clearly illustrates that western governments serve minority Corporate and Banking interests NOT the Democratic MAJORITY.

The most efficient REMEDIAL response to this type of draconian political imposition/Penalty Tax etc, is to ‘Occupy’ political capitals and force the government to HONOUR DEMOCRATIC principles or face removal by the DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY.

There is no better vehicle for an immediate political response than a decentralised movement with popular support -- 60% of the population is an overwhelming and very powerful majority, notwithstanding that only a percentage are required to march on the Capital and deliver a message from the majority.

Every nation and culture is thus able to address issues specific to its needs and DEMAND that governments OBEY Democratic principles and the Majority or suffer the LEGAL consequences – removal by POPULAR DEMAND!

The following video highlights the universality and effectiveness of QUICK RESPONSE, decentralised, leaderless movements coordinated via the universal DIGITAL medium. The people of the world are ONE in this struggle.

WE are Many – We are ONE – We are UNSTOPPABLE!

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