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Could the ‘Occupy’ movement be the first Matrix, “there is no spoon,” Revolution?
by neo Tuesday, Oct 11 2011, 2:10am
international / social/political / commentary

Nation wide ‘Occupy’ protests are now characterised by their inability to articulate anything coherent. Like all idealists, protesters imagine just “being there” will accomplish their unarticulated objectives – oops, I forgot, they have no defined objectives! Nevertheless, somehow these unarticulated, undefined objectives will be realised – “the power of ONE” will get them through. Where to you may well ask, I’m not ordering lunch at the moment!


Sometimes I wonder how ‘Occupy’ protesters feed themselves; imagine an ‘Occupy’ protester ordering a meal, I’ll start with a ‘blank’ please, then a little ‘blank’ to have on the side and we’ll finish, of course, with, ‘blank à la blank -- perfect!’

Apologists for the movement are coming out of the woodwork -- Klein, Krugman, Grayson, Hedges -- to articulate for these apparently autistic kids, but we all know that’s not how it ‘works.’ Only the kids really ‘know’ and ‘see’ how it ‘works,’ you can read it their vacuous eyes and mute smiles.

I think it was Hedges who stated that the elites are in “Trouble,” a somewhat tamer title than Krugman’s “Panic of the Plutocrats;” however, neither title alludes to anything even remotely accurate. Ruling elites have been running the world on abstractions, vagaries and pure fantasy for centuries, they ran the “yes, we can (what?)” unqualified slogan campaign, remember? These kids are new and very raw at the allusion game.

The elites have the entire WORLD convinced that it is nature’s or God’s will that they should have the lion’s share of EVERYTHING – a total fiction/fabrication for the benefit of elites and the duping of the masses, ‘but that’s the way it's always been’ -- that’s got ‘em convinced!

Elites also have the majority convinced that PROFIT is NOT theft but is a NATURAL form of acceptable robbery like INTEREST – give me a blank, break, please! But the best is the fiction of ‘private property,’ as if the earth/nature somehow belongs to the person brandishing a title Deed – O, but the ‘law’ protects us! Does it? The elites break LAWS and conventions daily, killing innocent civilians, invading and plundering weaker nations, with IMPUNITY – what or whose, fuckin’ L-A-W are you referring to? Have we woken, yet?

But the cherry on the moron cake is the reality that elites have managed to getaway with the most transparent, flawed, bungled, crime of the millennium – operation Northwoods, anyone? The ludicrously flawed and completely bungled 9/11 false flag operation stands as the most LEGITIMATELY exposed crime of all time YET the elites are safe in the knowledge their absurd, fantasy explanations have YOU convinced -- and you think THEY are in “Trouble” and ‘Panicked!’ Get a fuckin’ grip and realise what you’re dealing with, a thoroughly criminal, corrupt, homicidal group of psychopaths equal to if not surpassing any that preceded them in history.

Get a grip Hedges and the rest, these elites have recently SLAUGHTERED over a million innocent civilians in order to appropriate Oil/money, they have no compunction whatsoever about resorting to ANY tactic – and ALL are at their disposal -- to preserve the current (criminal) status quo.

They have recently normalised perpetual war, torture, kidnapping and indefinite detention without charge and were headed for ‘thought crime’ penalties the last time I looked. But ‘we’re’ gonna sit them out in the park with no demands, no direct action or coherent strategy and drum them to death -- sure you are! They will ignore you until you are forced to do something or become irrelevant.

Sooner than you think you’re either gonna have to start measuring lengths of rope or find yourselves a team of ventriloquists.

You all know that I really support the ‘CAUSE;’ so I would offer one word that is broad enough and accurate enough to deal with all the criminal elites and issues of the day, can you guess – yes, JUSTICE! That is what the entire world wants NOW, more than even food – and it’s only got seven letters.

Practice often and soon you too will be able to articulate, J-U-S-T-I-C-E!

audio R.E.M - It's the End of the World (as we know it)


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no pain, no change
by captain America Tuesday, Oct 11 2011, 12:00pm

which COINTELPRO agent in your midst destroyed a potentially revolutionary movement by instilling ACTION paralysis?

and who among you actually believes that Wall St. elites will just say, ok you win, without a fight? they are facing jail for FRAUD and they are not about to concede ANYTHING WITHOUT A FIGHT!

while you remain action-paralysed they couldn't give a shit about you drumming, sleeping in parks and parading in streets.

a fundamental rule of ALL social reform is that nothing changes without a struggle/FIGHT. you'll (all) learn that soon enough or fail

by tony Wednesday, Oct 12 2011, 10:35am

Q: what is a passive, non-violent, directionless, policy-devoid protest likely to achieve?

A: Nothing, except perhaps to distract from NATO war crimes in Libya and the catastrophe that is Obama's dysfunctional Democrat administration

Q: What effect would NATO style targeted assassinations of criminal Wall St Executives have on American society.?

A: Huge and beneficial , it would force the nation to confront the truth regarding who actually controls the nation's political capitol, including the office of the president, and how the few benefit from all the wars waged over the past decade.

Q: Is action required to effect change of any kind?

A: Yes!

you''re a fuckin genius; give the man a teddy bear, tin drum and send him to activate the 'Occupy' movement.

I'm Not Moving
by via guy Wednesday, Oct 12 2011, 12:07pm

American double standards and brazen HYPOCRISY in your face -- YOU let me know when YOU think it's time to Occupy centers of Financial and political power and DEMAND JUSTICE for ALL:

How many INNOCENT civilians have we slaughtered today, Uncle Drone?

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