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Afghanistan: 10 Years of NATO Genocide and War Crimes
by reed Saturday, Oct 8 2011, 10:37am
international / imperialism / other press

The illegal war and occupation of Afghanistan recently marked its 10 anniversary; yet the core reasons offered by western elites for the invasion and continuing occupation today have no foundation in reality. Indeed, the FBI has never listed Bin Laden as wanted for the 9/11 attacks; nevertheless, Afghanistan was criminally invaded for the benefit of Oil Companies and Banking elites.

While most people consider this anniversary a boring meridian in time I would remind everyone that after decades of NATO bombing the country has been reduced to ruins and the people forced to endure one of the harshest living standards on the planet.

The war crimes NATO has committed and continues to commit in Afghanistan is today matched with those committed by NATO in Libya. Surely it would seem appropriate to question our political leaders on the frauds perpetrated in order for the US/NATO and other allies, including Australian, to enter into this illegal Corporate war!

The following informative video from Global Research is highly recommended. It is hoped that policy devoid protesting youths in New York derive some inspiration and material from the video and make some cogent demands for accountability.

The video mentions oil pipelines as the actual reason for the US/NATO invasion YET fails to mention the principal beneficiaries of all the wars, occupations and invasions that NATO and the US have waged over the past decade or more.

The shadowy entities to which I refer are of course the Banking/Financial sectors and Oil/petroleum related Industries. All wars NATO has been involved in from the Balkans through Afghanistan to Libya have been on behalf of Corporatist and Banking elites.

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