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"The travesty of orthodox religion is that the living defer to the dead" -- Anon
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MANIFESTO of the progeny
by holloman Wednesday, Aug 9 2006, 4:55pm
international / prose/poetry / literature

Protest cyber poetry

if You're able

who are I/who is We?
that is not numerically

I am u Ė you are me
dancing, weeping, xtacy

where r you? Ė locate me
in digi space thatís where we BE

uber open, uber closed assembly code
is where we BE

we is here, they are there
and i IS everywhere

itís not a ghost in da machine
its zero-one, never 2.

who am I/who are We
again uíve asked stupidity

We are ONE
that needs BE

And that is NOT stupidity.

Children of the Evolution.

greetz, to all d kbad crewz,
see how THEY run!

weíre approaching, ZONE.
the world will know when we enter!

Last but never least we owe u everything radioman (radium)
life was never wasted.

Da WAR is not in Leba-non.


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What's in a name?
by Juan Derer via portland imc Wednesday, Aug 9 2006, 6:32pm

I think that freedom fighters should take another look at how they name their organizations.

Of course, if you name your organization some frightening foreign sounding name like Hezbollah, or Al Qaeda, or something that scares the fuck out of us uneducated anglos, you have gathered our animosity without firing a shot.

Call yourselves the fuzzy bunnies, or the capering kittens or something cute, then at least you can get to the table before we start shooting at you. Everybody knows that Al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, Hezbollah, etc, are all part of the great Arab conspiracy to put a camel in everybody's garage.

Make it romantic, something like, Lovers of the Dessert, or Hot August Nights, etc., then you can at least get a favorable bounce in PR.

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