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Normalising State Murder
by bluey Thursday, Oct 6 2011, 11:26am
international / injustice/law / commentary

Summary executions should never be tolerated

While the western world, including the directionless 'Occupy' (yes we can) movement, is distracted with every imaginable contrived artifice, the UNITED STATES EXECUTIVE has just normalised MURDER! However, extrajudicial killing remains a CRIME under every civilised law and convention regardless of whether the perpetrator is a person, State or group.

My screaming outrage is not matched anywhere on the newswire though numerous stories have been published. In the interests of 'clinical and impartial' reporting, stories are strangely, dispassionate, tame, almost muted, as if intentionally designed not to inflame or cause a reaction.

For fuck's sake people, how anyone could consider State targeted MURDER a neutral issue, I do not know, but then I don't drink tap water?

Allow me to remind the lobotomised majority what occurred the last time this type of State crime was tolerated by a population -- that government went on to make soap from exterminated Jews and lamp shades from their skin -- a very 'fine' outcome for the nation!

If you imagine the Nazi example is too extreme, then consider the criminal progression (devolution) that has occurred since the combined US Executive/Zionist (Mossad) orchestrated 9/11 crime.

First, illegal kidnappings and indefinite detention without charge, then TORTURE now MURDER -- a sequential devolution into more serious C-R-I-M-E is EVIDENT. Nazi Germany is not looking too extreme after all, is it? It took the Nazis 15 years to establish and consolidate their criminal rule. Almost exactly the same tactics and time sequence have been utilised by American criminal psychopaths since their 9/11 terrorist crime -- I do not believe in MULTIPLE coincidences, do YOU?

In view of the CLEAR historical parallel, where do YOU think the US Executive is going with its now acceptable murder policy? No second prizes but I wouldn't be surprised if you can't add the 2+2 required to understand that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it -- you tragic, spineless, demented, imbeciles!

A research historian may come across this piece in the future and conclude that a few intelligent voices were willing to condemn, in the most strenuous and passionate manner, the OVERT CRIMINALITY of the USA and its NATO allies.

Might I suggest to the increasing numbers of directionless, policy devoid, young people joining the 'Occupy' movement -- that YOU/we are ALL legally and morally obligated to D-E-M-A-N-D Obama's arrest for MURDER -- O, look, an issue to run with!

Though the criminal cabals are responsible for numerous heinous crimes we are only required to pursue a single crime RELENTLESSLY to reach the source of ALL the rot.

Singular, unwavering, dedicated pursuit sends chills down the spines of the evil cabals -- remain focused at ALL times; never WAVER or fall victim to THEIR distraction tactics.

We are Many -- We are ONE -- We are UNSTOPPABLE!

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