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Beware, be aware!
by volk Thursday, Oct 6 2011, 9:05am
international / injustice/law / commentary

While the focus is on the 'Occupy' movement, our puppet politicians continue to commit crimes in a reduced pressure environment, for example; ordering the summary execution of US citizens (an outrageous criminal action); the ongoing criminal bombing of Libya and the quiet introduction of Carbon Trading are a few extremely important issues which have dropped below the radar.

The question must be asked, what tangible results or changes in the status quo have 'Occupy' protesters effected? The short answer is, NONE!

Critical issues demand our attention yet we remain transfixed by coverage of the ineffective (to date) 'OccupyWallStreet' movement.

Until such time as we see some positive CHANGE from the directionless protest, we will continue to view it as just another COINTELPRO distraction by the elites -- prove us wrong and make some DEMANDS, please!

We already know that Corporatists and Bankers are responsible for the continuing wars and global economic turmoil; dwelling on the KNOWN without taking ACTION is clearly COUNTER PRODUCTIVE! Direct action now is absolutely essential.

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