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The Duelling Egos of Alex Jones and David DeGraw
by dasha Wednesday, Oct 5 2011, 10:29am
international / social equality/unity / other press

I would remind ego bruised Jones and DeGraw that the elitist forces they oppose do not openly display petty ego pathologies. Nefarious ruling elites are known to cooperate like true anarchists. The public schoolgirl bickering of Jones and DeGraw is undoubtedly having a detrimental effect on the “Occupy” protest movement.

Alex Jones
Alex Jones

Watching their enemies bickering and divided presents as a very pleasing spectacle to the co-operating ruling elites, who go to great lengths to ensure that the population remains alienated and as divided on as many different levels as possible -- race, religion, affluence, education etc. UNITY is the greatest strength of the masses but a nemesis to ruling elites -- a fact seemingly lost on Jones and DeGraw!

Open Letter to Alex Jones Re: #OccupyWallStreet
[by David DeGraw of Ampedstatus]

Dear Alex, [you COINTELPRO prick!]

I take issue with you on a number of points regarding your published comments on the “Occupy” movement. Your limited understanding and shallow appreciation of the "Occupy" movement came as somewhat of a surprise to me.

I considered you a true patriot until you dismissed #OccupyWallStreet as some Soros, Democratic Party front group.

You claimed (on air) that you had extensively researched the history of #OccupyWallStreet and concluded from that ‘thorough’ research that the "Occupy" movement was an astro-turf, non-legit [fake] movement.

I take personal issue with your erroneous accusations and am deeply offended by your inane comments. [you dumbfuck illiterate yank – or I could have said, 'I am deeply offended by your comments.']

I know that you did not “extensively research” the origins of this movement. Had you done so you would be familiar with my detailed reports on the origins of the movement, including the latest report: “A Report from the Frontlines: The Long Road to #OccupyWallStreet and the Origins of the 99% Movement.”

Had you actually done your homework, you would've seen that this movement partially grew out of Anonymous led Federal Reserve protests. In fact, this movement was given a major boost from Max Keiser interview material which appeared on your show! Have you heard of the “Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation?” Have you heard of the “Empire State Rebellion?” Yes, you no doubt have!

I have worked my ass off for over 3 years to make #OccupyWallStreet happen. In fact, over the past 3 years I have repeatedly tried to contact you to collaborate on Federal Reserve protest actions. Despite millions of online views on my reports, and being repeatedly featured on your site, not ONCE, have you acknowledged my efforts. My American ego can't take it anymore, I want recognition and my day in the sun, but you keep 'hogging' the limelight and stealing my credits in the process!

To demonstrate your very limited understanding of what’s really happening on the ground #OccupyWallStreet, allow me to clarify a few things for you:

1) Have you noticed that Liberty Park is closer to the NY Fed than the stock exchange? We intentionally chose that location due to its proximity to the Fed.
2) You also failed to notice (or acknowledge) that we are occupying Federal Reserve Banks. We’ve had people at the Chicago Fed since the start and have occupations in the works for ALL Fed locations.
3) Have you interviewed any participating #OccupyWallStreet protesters that listen to your show? The “End The Fed” crowd is a significant part of the action.
Perhaps you simply can’t accept that YOU were not the instigator of the "Occupy" movement, is that it? Is this all about pathological narcissism and petty ego? [It sure is!] I don’t want to get too deep into personal attacks [jeez, I do, cos you're both such egocentric wankers it's sickening!]

If you care to recant and openly admit your mistakes and apologise on the air, I would be happy to embrace you as an ally once again. After all, we are fighting against the same global financial oligarchy. At least that’s what I thought.

Now it appears that you may be a divide and conquer pawn of the elites, or an ego-maniac like me. I’m hoping that you're not really cointelpro, as most intelligent people claim.

It would be great if you took a backseat in support of 'my' movement; that would allow ME to assume center stage and bask in ALL the glory -- you're not the only one that has pathological personality problems!

Let’s 'do it' on the Keiser Report.

I invite you to a public debate on the issues, Max Keiser can moderate.

I’ll even offer to come on your show so you are able to edit the exchange to your liking.

I just emerged from the belly of the beast on GE’s NBC’s nightly news, presenting as hardcore radical; so hardcore in fact that they only aired one sentence of a 15 minute interview.

Are you the real deal, Alex, or are you a divide and conquer pawn? I’m hoping you’re for real. I would love to have you as an ally. We need all the help we can get. [Clearly, Jones and DeGraw need all the help THEY can get.]



Make of the above what you will but I would take the opportunity to re-affirm what most well-adjusted people already know. We pursue various causes NOT for personal acclaim or gain BUT because we BELIEVE in the principles embodied in those causes. I’ll leave it at that!

Hang your heads in shame, Jones and DeGraw, you pathetic, egoistic wankers. I hope your current antics serve to enlighten every genuine participant in the fight for JUSTICE, (real) Democracy and social EQUALITY.

We shall RESTORE OUR nations, have no doubt, preferably without the likes of you two wankers.

We are Many – We are ONE – We are UNSTOPPABLE!

[We seek no personal glory or gain, in fact we do not even seek to be known.]

David DeGraw
David DeGraw


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by uncle sam Thursday, Oct 6 2011, 7:29am

No great love for Chomsky, but it's always great to hear somebody state the obvious.

Keep on

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