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The Americanisation of Australian Police
by zayn Tuesday, Oct 4 2011, 8:26am
international / injustice/law / other press

A NSW police officer, was heard to exclaim, “O, shit, I shot him!” as he discharged his 9mm Glock handgun, the bullet striking and fragmenting inside a Sydney teenager’s abdomen causing serious injury to the teen’s vital organs. The teen was engaged in protecting his sister during a home invasion at the time.


This type of indiscriminate shooting is not uncommon by American standards; however Oz citizens are unaccustomed to amphetamine and steroid hyped police rampaging through their homes discharging their lethal handguns John Wayne style.

The teenage victim sustained severe injuries to his colon and bladder from high velocity bullet fragments exploding inside his body, another apparent anomaly as police are required to use solid tipped ammunition in Australia.

Unwarranted or accidental shootings by Oz police are becoming more common and this latest incident should alert regulators and authorities to the fact that something is seriously wrong. Three areas that require comprehensive investigation are, psychological screening of applicants; (inadequate) training procedures; and (the LACK of) on-the-spot drug testing of SERVING police officers – it is widely known in the Gym community that police buy and use steroids and amphetamines, two substances that predispose to reflexive not considered actions – combined they become a lethal cocktail!

Report from, 9 News follows:

Sydney teen describes being shot by cop
staff report

A Sydney teenager has described the night he was allegedly shot by a police officer as "a horror movie."

Justin McMaster, 19, said he was shot in his family's Colyton home, in Sydney's west, while trying to defend his sister during a home invasion last week.

"At first I couldn't feel it then I felt really warm in a certain spot and then I started to get cold," Mr Mcmaster told Nine News. "My bowel got split into four pieces and my bladder into two, because the bullet exploded inside me." Police officers said Justin was only shot when he charged at them with a metal pole but Mr McMaster's lawyer, Greg Walsh, said police were too quick to shoot.

"The mother was yelling 'he's my son, he's my son'," Mr Walsh told Nine.

Mr Walsh claimed a male officer who fired his handgun said "oh sh!t I've shot him" after discharging his weapon.

The Mcmaster family said the attack had left them traumatised, and they were living in fear that the home invaders could return.

The family is considering taking legal action against New South Wales Police.

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A nationwide background to the latest appalling police shooting event in Sydney would include the torching of an indigenous Australian in WA, due to the inappropriate use of a Taser; the shooting death by three adult police of a 15yo youth, armed with a knife in Melbourne; the murder, by multiple Taser (28) applications, of a man in Queensland -- the offending officer is on record as stating he didn't think that Tasers "hurt!" Also, the brutal murder of an Aboriginal activist by another Queensland police officer, who claimed in court that he 'fell' on the victim during a struggle -- the victim's liver had been severed in two by an obvious brutal assault.

Aussies need to ask the hard questions about American influences on local police AND our military, which is currently engaged in illegal, targeted assassinations in Afghanistan, euphemistically called, 'night raids' -- bear in mind that war crimes are committed in war zones, a war does NOT grant warring factions the right to murder! Scores of innocent civilians have been killed in these raids and Oz is COMPLICIT. We can ill-afford, in our region, to gain the reputation of universally reviled, criminal America.

We should always endeavour to install Aussie patriots into high office; PM Gillard's disgusting, servile, gushing to the American Congress will go down in infamy; her shameful effort exceeded the subservience of both Howard and Rudd combined. And we should never forget that previous Oz leaders -- with the exception of Menzies -- kowtowed to no one, they were astute politicians, not servile puppets, clowns and LACKEYS.

It appears that the political malaise has spread to our regulatory agencies -- it is not too difficult to see where and how the negative American influence gained a poisonous foothold in this nation.

Keep Australia, AUSTRALIAN; only elect representative INDEPENDENTS to OFFICE.

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