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Google actively suppressing info on the 'Occupy' Movement
by stylus Sunday, Oct 2 2011, 10:29am
international / social/political / commentary

Logs are beginning to indicate a pattern that CIA-Google is actively suppressing data/information on the 'Occupy' movement. Co-instigator of 'OccupyWallStreet' David DeGraw, recently posted similar observations. But should we be surprised that former CEO and current Chairman of Goolge, Eric 'Bilderberg attendee' Schmidt, belongs to an elitist, minority group that has a clear agenda which diametrically opposes the interests of the Democratic Majority -- should we be surprised, indeed?

In whose interests is it to suppress info about social revolutions and the pursuit of social JUSTICE, it's definitely not in the public interest? The interests and welfare of the masses are of no concern to self-serving, criminal -- YES, CRIMINAL -- minority ruling elites.

Google -- confirms by its easily recorded actions -- its position with the forces of suppression, OPPRESSION and 'information/perception management,' make no mistake; even Congress has dragged Schmidt before a hearing on anti-trust charges.

Reuters was the first major newswire to lift the blanket mass media ban on coverage of the 'Occupy' movement. Reuters, realising the absurdity, untenability and future cost of ignoring such an event, decided to run the story of 700 arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge.

The ruling elite to which I refer is the same criminal elite that plunged the global economy into recession and arranged for large international banks to drown in toxic debt products issued from Wall Street! YES, the same ruling elites that held the nation to ransom over TARP bailouts and then proceeded to shower its Executive class in million dollar bonuses while its banks continued to foreclose on citizens -- have WE HAD ENOUGH, YET?

For those unclear about the focus of the protest movement, It is this SAME ruling elite that the 'Occupy' movement has symbolically targeted on Wall St.

The message is clear, the WORLD can no longer afford to tolerate a criminal ruling elite that BRAZENLY exploits the masses, invades/plunders weaker nations and pursues profit at ANY cost, including millions of INNOCENT human lives. That record alone is enough to define a grotesque evil, however, their arrogance knows no bounds. These elites refused to utilise tax-payer bailout funds for their intended purpose, to rectify a ruined economy, they instead pocketed OUR hard earned tax dollars with personal bonuses and insider deals!

I am old school and I would simply haul them out and shoot the bloody lot of 'em, Guevara style -- pollution control. However, today we will give the peaceful protest movement a chance to see how effective it is against the vilest criminals the world has produced in centuries -- I have too many baton scars on my scalp to ignore hard reality, AND a historical VICTORY that attests to the efficacy of direct ACTION/confrontation! Nevertheless, I sincerely wish you all the best, kiddies, space cadets and dreamboats alike; but when you FAIL -- the vermin you oppose play dirty, does a MILLION INNOCENT D-E-A-D CIVILIANS mean anything to you, dreamboats(??) -- either step out of the way or pick up a rope!

Countless lives were saved in Vietnam by engaging in local skirmishes with violent police at HOME. It was the violent tactics of an authoritarian State that triggered an INTERNATIONAL response/movement, which, as history records, was supremely successful.

What we learn from today's protests is that police tactics haven't changed one iota, very fast on violent responses but very slow on protecting Constitutional Rights! The police, like the military, clearly represent the interests of Corporatist ruling elites NOT the BROADER COMMUNITY, which they are charged to protect!

In view of the ABOVE REALITY and in the interests of maintaining protest momentum, dynamic tactics may become necessary. It would be prudent to at least prepare to actively defend the movement, as the police will soon be forced (by the elites) to resort to violent containment in order to neutralise the 'Occupy' movement/THREAT, capish?

A final note to information suppressor, Eric 'Bilderberg' Schmidt; boycotting Google is only a few mouse clicks away, don't push your luck! As for Wall Street Executive scum, light poles bear your names!

['Don't shoot until you see the whites of their collars!']

Mommy, Mommy, why are all those Executives hanging from lightpoles? Well, sweetie ...


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    Occupy Wall Street: "It Is a Revolution"     Christian Papesch via fleet     Sun, Oct 2 2011, 10:52am 

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