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al-Qaeda has nothing to do with it!
by clancy Saturday, Oct 1 2011, 12:39pm
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

I recall a documentary on the Nazi death camps during WWII in which an interviewed survivor had an interesting story to tell; he recounted watching a Rabbi in a group of Jews being herded to the 'shower block' and described how the Rabbi was beseeching and imploring his God -- who 'promised' to protect his 'chosen people' -- to save them, of course nothing miraculous occurred; the group was exterminated along with the Rabbi, but prior to meeting his end the (previously devout observant) Rabbi shouted, "there is no God!" and tossed some scriptures into the air! Well, it's better to realise late than never at all!


WWII has since passed into history -- and no one seems to have learned a thing -- America has become the modern equivalent of Nazi Germany and is duly committing war and other crimes against humanity on a DAILY basis!

The latest insanity to issue from criminal America is the summary executions, by executive authority, of US citizens that dislike what their country has become. An alleged al-Qaeda operative and US citizen was recently summarily executed in Yemen for preaching hate against Uncle Sam.

A precedent has just been set, preach hatred against the USA and we'll kill ya!

Now, I'm not alone in my feelings toward the USA, everyone I know detests America and everything it stands for today, including 10 years of illegal wars, horrendous civilian killing and plundering the resources of weaker nations.

Killer goon squads the US employs to do its killing are going to be very busy indeed, the entire world hates what the USA has become and makes no secret of the fact!

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