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Oz Reserve Bank to Open Beijing Office
by stan Friday, Sep 30 2011, 9:52am
international / social/political / commentary

As if to emphasise the OVERRIDING authority the Global Reserve Banking System has over puppet politicians, the Oz chapter of the Reserve Banking System is opening an office in Beijing, ‘in order to better understand Oz’s largest trading partner,’ China.

Clueless and servile, Gillard AND Rudd, no idea whatsoever!
Clueless and servile, Gillard AND Rudd, no idea whatsoever!

Sometimes you just have to laugh at the absurdity of it all. The move by the RBA is made within a backdrop of Oz PM Juliar Gillard’s recent signing of an agreement to allow F-I-V-E full scale American military bases on Oz soil which are CLEARLY designed to contain/target China – and that notwithstanding the now infamous statement that 'the US should attack China,' made by former PM and current foreign minister, Kevin 'bereft' Rudd – it’s time to throw away the keys, people!

Yet Washington lackeys, ‘carbon tax’ Gillard and ‘hair dryer’ Rudd, REMAIN in positions of responsibility – can YOU believe it because most wouldn’t?

What this absurd reality also seems to indicate or confirm is that China, which is aware of the entire situation, is living up to its traditional reputation as the cowardly, yellow dog, slave nation of the globe that can be pushed any which-way the West chooses – the Balkans and Libya illustrate the point!

The measure of Australian servility and lunacy is clear for history to record; words fail me at this point – so have a nice mindless, sporting and beer drinking day, my fellow Australians!

Report for the Australian follows:

Reserve Bank opens Beijing bureau
by Dow Jones Wire

TRADE: The Reserve Bank plans to beef up its intelligence gathering in China by setting up a Beijing office as part of a push to get a closer handle on the nation's biggest trading partner.

Chinese demand for commodities such as iron ore and coal is key to Australia's economic fortunes and is driving a structural shift in the country as trade with Asia outstrips traditional exports markets such as the US and Japan.

Such is the change in fortunes, the federal government unveiled plans this week for a major study on what the rise of Asia will mean for the country in coming decades.

The white paper will focus on economics, politics and security.

The government has said business needs to be prepared for a strong exchange rate for a long period linked with Asia's need for minerals and resources, and Prime Minister Julia Gillard has warned the country is suffering a two-speed economy split between a mining boom and a soft manufacturing and services sector.

The RBA's new office will be based in the embassy in China and will begin operating from the middle of this month.

It will be headed by Ivan Roberts, a Mandarin-speaking senior economist currently in the Asian Economies Research Unit.

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