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NYPD misogynist ‘pepper PIG’ under “internal investigation” – not good enough!
by stele Thursday, Sep 29 2011, 10:11am
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I would simply state that mace-wielding inspector Anthony Bologna of the NYPD has severe psychological problems relating to women and is clearly unfit to serve as a responsible police officer. Readers will note from video evidence, easily accessed on Youtube and this site, the actions of someone with major psychiatric problems and severe behavioural difficulties.

Bologna, 'serenely' spraying women with mace
Bologna, 'serenely' spraying women with mace

It appears from recorded evidence that Bologna preferred to vent his pathological rage on females; his assaults strongly suggest a gender bias. It is also very clear that all his victims were non-violent protesters exercising their inalienable rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights -- perhaps the NYPD should review the founding principles upon which this nation was built rather than resorting to Gestapo tactics.

Bologna was caught pepper-spraying penned-in, non-violent, defenceless women at close range in order to inflict as much pain and distress as possible. His actions were clearly unwarranted, COWARDLY to the extreme and brutally SADISTIC.

Police investigating police is ABSURD and ALL America knows it. If this is the best Mayor Bloomberg is able to offer an outraged public then perhaps HIS position as Mayor of NYC should be reviewed.

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