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"He makes no friends who never made a foe" -- Alfred Lord Tennyson
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Guess Who's ABOVE the Law, Suckers?
by sam Sunday, Sep 25 2011, 12:12pm
international / injustice/law / opinion/analysis

If you haven't noticed, the law against killing civilians in a war zone has NOT been rescinded -- killing innocent men, women and children, continues to be illegal but what do NATO and American leaders care, they have literally been getting away with mass murder/HOLOCAUSTS since Iraq.

On the economic and Corporate fronts, executives of large financial and banking institutions responsible for the GLOBAL economic collapse have not been held accountable, though it is widely known that FRAUD caused the collapse!

Borderless and stateless, Tax evading Transnationals, continue to pillage, plunder and POLLUTE entire regions while taking the LION'S share of the PROFITS offshore. Treasonous politicians and puppet governments, though pretending otherwise, no longer represent their nations but serve the Executive criminal class of Corporate buccaneers instead.

The number of serious CRIMES committed by white-collar criminals is staggering YET our regulatory and legal institutions seem oblivious or ineffective in dealing with the KNOWN criminals.

The popular '#OccupyWallStreet' ongoing protest is largely ignored by the Corporate media, especially when police brutality is involved. Nevertheless, Americans have FINALLY targeted the people behind most of the WORLD'S social ills today.

What has not yet dawned on naive protesters and organisers is that they are dealing with mass murdering criminals and thieves who stop at NOTHING to acquire what they want.

It may soon dawn on the 'brightest' among the protesters that the same tactics EXECUTIVE white collar scum employ around the world, via their proxy militaries MUST be applied to them; only when EXECUTIVES begin dropping like ducks in a shooting gallery will things begin to change, as it would force the rotteness and truth to the surface for all to see.

Actions against the ruling criminal executive class must be planned and undertaken in secret, leaving no traceable evidence. Long distance solutions involving a 30-06, range finder and good telescopic sight would seem appropriate -- YOU/we are dealing with the most heinous criminals the world has seen since WWII.

Protests, though well planned, should appear spontaneous and protesters should always outnumber police. Protests should be reinforced by waves of protesters appearing when needed and NEVER in ONE mass, which is easily contained by police. Waves of reinforcements, coming in stages from every angle serves to confuse and destabilise police, who work to rehearsed crowd control formulas and tactics.

Divergent social and community groups with varied agendas MUST form UNITED FRONTS whenever possible, as this puts the fear of God into the ruling elites. Their most powerful social weapon continues to be DIVIDE and CONQUER so it is IMPERATIVE to form UNITED FRONTS whenever the opportunity presents, which should be OFTEN, as the nefarious executive class is the enemy of all people everywhere!

Always make efforts to enlist the services of specialists, veterans, engineers technicians, legal and media teams etc, etc, their skills are invaluable. And never forget to pack as much pimple cream as is necessary for every demo and shoot in the wild ;o)

The following video is a great lesson in how NOT to stage a PROTEST, Mr DeGraw -- your idea is good but your implementation is pathetic and unnecessarily places people in danger, as the video amply demonstrates -- this is WAR, morons.

In conclusion, Our legal team has advised that we state clearly that this piece is political humour -- and if that doesn't satisfy, then you can all go fuck yourselves, isn't that right, Mr Dick Cheney?


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opportunities unfold
by tag Sunday, Sep 25 2011, 10:53pm

if the pigs attempt to herd demonstrators into nets in order to spray them with mace or pepper spray then ARM yourselves with mace, pepper spray and tasers -- IT IS THEY WHO SET THE STANDARD, never forget to capture their abuse on camera.

the importance of presenting a UNITED FRONT of otherwise DISPARATE, EVEN traditionally OPPOSING GROUPS against elitist Wall St criminals, cannot be stressed enough. The criminals must learn that EVERYONE is awake and AGAINST THEM and that their days of behind the scenes rule via corrupted officials and puppet governments are truly OVER.

do not forget the importance of diversionary tactics with all demos, create a fuss and attract the pigs to one corner while executing the primary action elsewhere -- keep them guessing and spinning until even a feigned action terrorises them.

Only in staged or planned circumstances allow yourselves to be passively abused -- the video depicts a tactical travesty! NEVER ALLOW yourselves to be passively herded like cattle and led to the slaughter.

Veterans are invaluable in planning attacks and training, most would assist if asked, as they are acutely aware of the injustices and truth, they are fully capable of a total response if required.

Do not fear infiltration, subversives are easily spotted; test suspected spies with exposure exercises that would attract police traps -- then deal with infiltrators any way you wish. Australia continues to have one of the highest per capita disappearance rates in the developed world, upward of 40 thousand missing persons every year in a population of only 20 million! We have learned the quite, subtle and deadly approach from our oppressive penal colony past. Anyone that trusts an Aussie is a fool.

Impress this fact on your minds -- EXECUTIVES are criminal murderers, responsible for every civilian holocaust and war of the new century, they are vandals and above all, SOCIAL P-A-R-A-S-I-T-E-S! Be assured, the only good executive is a DEAD EXECUTIVE.

A healthy society has no need whatsoever of this class of parasitic criminal scum . The sooner they are all hanging from light poles, the better. 'Dispatch' them and their corrupt puppets spontaneously at will. Representative democracy and the rule of law would soon be RESTORED thereby.

Movements are created with successful positive strategies. The ranks would soon swell with millions of frustrated abused people around the world -- THIS IS A GLOBAL FIGHT, never forget it!

Organise, plan or fail!

We are ONE or we are NOTHING!

PDF Document Learn some tricks from them -- Army's Unconventional Warfare paper

Goodbye to International Law
by Lawrence Davidson via reed - ICH Monday, Sep 26 2011, 1:34am

Back on 12 February 2011 I put out an analysis on the subject of Universal Jurisdiction. Here is the first paragraph from the piece:

“One of the really progressive acts that followed the end of World War II was the establishment of the principle of universal jurisdiction (UJ). UJ is a legal process that allows states that are signatories to various international treaties and conventions (such as the Geneva conventions) to prosecute alleged violators of these treaties, even when these violations are committed outside the country’s borders. This is particularly so if it can be demonstrated that the home government of the accused has no intention of bringing them to trial for the alleged offense. The assumption behind this principle is that the crime committed is so egregious as to be seen as a crime against humanity at large. In the wake of the Nazi Holocaust and other such crimes against humanity, UJ was accepted as a necessary and positive legal step by almost all Western nations.”

It has been 66 years since the end of World War II and the memory of the concentration camps has faded (except when invoked as a political tool by Zionists). Nor has the subsequent holocausts such as those in Cambodia, Rwanda and Bosnia been sufficient to keep the issue of crimes against humanity front and center in the governmental minds of the great powers. The historical fact is that such truly horrible crimes committed at the edges of the European world or beyond have never been seen as symbolically important in the same way the Nazi holocaust was. And so we cease to pay attention. That allows for the erosion of the safeguards against these crimes such as UJ.

Now we have proof of this process of erosion. On 15 September 2011 Great Britain changed its UJ law to allow the government, in the person of the Director of Public Prosecutions, to veto any arrest warrant referencing universal jurisdiction issued by a British judge. What that means is that when crimes against humanity are committed by representatives of a power friendly to Britain, the government can negate any risk of arrest for those persons while visiting British soil. This happens to be the British government’s response to warrants issued for the arrest of Israeli personages such as former foreign minister Lzipi Livni in 2009. The British UJ law exists by virtue of Great Britain being a signatory to the Fourth Geneva Convention but that does not seem to matter. For the sake of friendly relations with Israel, the British government is willing to render its obligations under international law moot.

Of course the British government does not explain its actions that way. Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke insists that the government is “clear about our international obligations.” This change in the law is simply designed to “ensure…that universal jurisdiction cases are only proceeded with on the basis of solid evidence that is likely to lead to successful prosecution.” The fact that Israeli crimes against the Palestinians are among the best documented seems not to be part of Clarke’s judicial world. Indeed, according to Matthew Gould, Britain’s ambassador to Israel, warrants issued against Israelis for war crimes and crimes against humanity are only “abuses” of Britain’s judicial system carried out “for political reasons.”

Double Standards

In truth, what the British government has done is institutionalize double standards. Just imagine what would happen if the head of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassem Brigades (Hamas’s military wing) flew into Heathrow to see some sick friend. The British Zionists would have a judge issue a warrant within the hour and the British government would enforce it without question. Now imagine that at about the same time Israeli Major General Yoav Galant arrived. Galant was Israel’s Chief of Staff during Operation Cast Lead and publically stated that the operation turned Gaza into an “ideal training zone” to test new weapons that were often themselves banned under international law. With this new qualification of the UJ law, nothing at all would happen to Galant. And that double standard is absolutely in place “for political reasons.”

This is a disastrous precedent because other countries will almost certainly follow the British example. However, it is not the only case of erosion of international law. The international law referencing behavior on the high seas has recently been called into question and guess who forced that issue. Israel again. This is function of the fact that all the major powers, and the UN as well, proved willing to let the Israelis off the hook for attacking an unarmed Turkish vessel in international waters and killing nine passengers. Only Turkey has taken a stand for international law. Then there is the U.S. corruption of the International Criminal Court (see my analysis “International Law and the Problem of Enforcement” posted on 4 June 2011) and finally the repeated use of a U.S. veto at the Security Council to protect its ally–again Israel–when that country violates international law by moving its own population into occupied territory and commits daily crimes against the Palestinians.


Generally speaking, if it is a great power or allied to one, a government can do just about any horrible thing it wants as long as it does it to its own citizens and within its own borders. Thus, if Hitler, as chancellor of a great power, had just stuck to killing every last German Jew, communist, retarded person, etc. he almost certainly would have gotten away with it. That is the power of sovereignty. If Saddam Hussein, as a U.S. ally, had confined himself to killing Iraqi Kurds and Shiites by the tens of thousands no one would have intervened. But in both of these cases the dictators made the mistake of incurring the wrath of great powers by crossing a border for reasons other than blatant self-defense. Now the Israelis have shown that this criterion (sticking to your own territory when you do your killing) to be an arbitrary one. They cross borders all the time (as does their great power patron). My guess is that, unlike Iraq, the Israelis could have invaded Kuwait and gotten away with it! That is because they are more than just protected by the United States. Washington does not control its ally, its ally controls Washington. Israeli front organizations such as AIPAC control the information flow and dictate relevant Middle East foreign policy to the government of the “greatest power on earth.” That is why joint resolutions, standing ovations for the likes of Netanyahu, and such stupid proclamations as “Israel has the right to annex the West Bank” flow uninterrupted from the halls of Congress.

It is odd. The only thing that stands between all of us and the next holocaust is international law and treaty provisions such as universal jurisdiction. But who cares? Not the U.S. or British governments and not the Zionists. No.. Memory fades and double standards are, after all, a universal human failing. So it is just a matter of time before it happens all over again. Not in some far away place like the Balkans or Africa or the Far East, but once more right here in the West. Just as if the primary civilian disaster of World War II never happened.

Author retains copyright.

Sadistic, cowardly NYPD Pig Identified
by spot Monday, Sep 26 2011, 9:04am

Do you really wish to win this one -- do not forget that you've lost all previous protests over the past 10 years?

First get over this non-violence thing and learn how to win; never initiate or instigate violence but confront all violence with SUPERIOR force:

If they hit you with a feather hit them with a brick; if they strike you with wood, strike back with steel, if they draw any lethal weapons (tasers etc) and use them then all deals are off, SHOOT THE CUNTS from secure vantages then disappear into the background.

This APPALLING instance of unprovoked police brutality, captured on camera (below) must be pursued; such a vile sadistic, MISOGYNISTIC, COWARDLY attack cannot go unpunished.

If the state attempts to smother this case then pursue the asshole privately. Criminal types like this hide behind their uniforms, as it affords them the best cover. Everyone MUST be made to respect the Law, especially Pigs in uniform.

If all legitimate attempts to seek justice fail, choose your time and SHOOT THE CUNT! Preferably to incapacitate, then film the pig being castrated and send the footage to the NYPD, with love!

Follow link for identification details:

We Do Not Scare Easily
by voice Monday, Sep 26 2011, 11:42am

The Buddha states plainly that desire is the cause of all human misery and sorrow -- OUR action is not borne of desire, FEAR or delusion, it is borne of principle and the need to RESTORE JUSTICE and representative DEMOCRACY to our respective societies.

At no stage should any society tolerate governments that openly serve criminal minority elites. Today's wars are CRIMINAL banking and corporate ENTERPRISES pure and simple. Invading forces in Iraq made a bee-line straight for the Oil ministry in Baghdad and NATO forces in Libya frantically established a Reserve Bank in Benghazi "with a governor" only weeks into the unresolved conflict -- WTF!

I will never forget Obama laughing during a rally when his audience, duly prompted by instigators, began chanting the totally meaningless and mindless slogan, "yes we can!"

Surely it's TIME to take back our nations from the criminal elements that corrupt everything they touch. I mean, what the fuck are Bush, Cheney and Blair doing freely walking around? Their criminal complicity in the Iraq invasion alone DEMANDS that we either arrest and hold them accountable or shoot them on site.

there comes a time when the MORAL MAJORITY is FORCED to take REMEDIAL ACTION and restore our sacred social institutions and civilised values.

Who is going to save our planet from rapacious Transnational and other nefarious forces if WE don't? It is far better to DO than DIE!

pure sense from Hedges in New York:

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