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Secularism and Perversity
by nano Sunday, Aug 6 2006, 6:38am
international / social/political / article

The world we live in today is characterised by States adopting the methodologies of organised crime. The traditional methods of criminal organizations have been legitimised by expropriation; no longer are deception, violence, theft, disregarding social codes/contracts the sole province of the sub-culture of organised crime they are now openly employed methods of various conservative governments around the globe – most notably, the USA, UK and Australia.

These three nations are responsible for subverting more legal and social codes, constitutions, civil rights and personal freedoms than the remainder of the world’s democratic nations combined.

Criminal governments are not a new phenomenon, what is new however, is the reaction, or rather the lack thereof from the people, who seem to delight in sacrificing liberties and freedoms that have taken centuries of struggle to obtain. Almost overnight today’s populations have relinquished what their forefathers sacrificed their lives to achieve. That is new, the complacency, apathy and contraction of modern western society.

It should be noted that no coercive tactics were employed to ‘relieve’ the people of their rights and freedoms. Deceptive tactics were the principal means employed by governments to realise their nefarious aims. Behavioural change necessarily follows change in the dominant social discourse. The once dominant rational secular discourse, which has given the world almost all the discoveries, science, innovation and modernity we enjoy today, has been effectively backgrounded by the irrational, theological discourse of mindless morons and demented fanatics.

Theological discourse traditionally sets itself in opposition to all that is rational and sane; it is antithetical to all that is demonstrable, testable and provable, it relies instead on blind belief and derives its influence (social power) from consensus or shared belief. Historically, theological discourse has been responsible for all the dark ages, superstition, ignorance and the majority of wars, yet it is precisely this discourse that has re-emerged to displace reason and disrupt the relative stability and peace of the world. It is principally the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Islam and Christianity) that have unleashed their violent diatribes and apocalyptic vision onto an unsuspecting world.

The major wars and conflicts of today are based on sectarian divisions, which have been aggravated by certain nations that desire to destabilise whole regions in order to effect the extraction of wealth and resources. The principal methods utilised to destabilise these societies are theological discourse and vandalism. The extent of destruction/vandalism in Lebanon makes the claim of a justified response to the capture of two Israeli soldiers an obvious absurdity – Israel and the USA are pursuing a pre-planned agenda.

In the case of the USA, its descent into totalitarianism is the result of Zionist influences at the heart of government, corporate greed and the influence of extreme religious conservatism in the form of millennial and apocalyptic Christianity. The American religious right desires to expedite the return of their ‘God’ by supporting the present Bush regime and the state of Israel regardless of any other consideration including flagrant criminal activity and breaches of international law regarding warfare.

The secular world should note that clerics and theologians who dominate theological discourse today are those who take a distorted and literal reading of Scripture. The 'divine authority' to which these theologians constantly refer is actually their particular reading and interpretation -- divinity has nothing to do with it! Congregations are duped into accepting the perversity of men as the message or ‘word of God’. The historical fact that all religious texts have been written, edited and compiled by men seems to escape the believers who continue to adhere to the misguided and delusional belief that it is ‘God’ not their religious leaders whom they are obeying! Rationalists would do well never to underestimate the power of fear, ignorance and the human need for meaning in an essentially meaningless human society.

The ‘meaning’ to which religionists actually subscribe has been recorded for millennia and that is violence, murder and bloodshed draped in discourses of tranquillity, peace and the rescuing of souls! To any sane person religion is the most virulent of social toxins, which today jeopardises the future viability of life on earth.

Oddly enough, sanity and rationalism have always been the most effective remedies against the diseases of insanity and irrationalism!


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