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Forget American ‘US and Them’ – WE are ONE!
by stele Saturday, Sep 24 2011, 12:45am
international / social equality/unity / commentary

Social unity, cooperation and equality are imperative for the long term sustainability, survival and overall success of any society. It is no accident that all the world’s great religions insist on brother/sisterhood; indeed, all the great social movements of history were founded on good fellowship and mutual cooperation.

However, we should not forget that all the great social reformers and religious teachers ALSO targeted the corrupt and divisive elements in their societies and attacked corrupt ruling elites relentlessly, while at the same time gathering and unifying the people for the COMMON good.

The Buddha attacked the corrupt Brahmin priest class of his day for exploiting and enslaving the masses as did Jesus Christ and all the other religious social reformers in history, including the warrior prophet, Mohammed.

It is a fundamental principle, an inescapable TRUTH that social unity and equality is essential for the survival of any group or society in the long term. Elitism, ‘exclusive-ism,’ wealth DISPARITIES are proven FORMULAS for social destruction/FAILURE. Yet today in Western AND Eastern societies, but particularly in America, Russia and China, what do we see as the prevailing social REALITY? HUGE disparities, yawning inequalities, CORRUPTION at the highest levels, exclusivity and elitism; a tiny ruling ELITIST minority dividing, confusing, with media misinformation and LIES, the masses they hope to keep IGNORANT, DIVIDED and SUBSERVIENT to their nefarious, SELF-SERVING designs.

However, unfortunately for that criminally corrupt minority their secret machinations have been exposed and the fruit of their work and plans for constant WAR, MASS MURDER and DESTRUCTION, chaos and DESTABILISATION have been revealed in documents such as PNAC and other government texts freely available on the Internet and this site – no conspiracy theories required. The Truth and Facts are plain to see and VERIFY.

In the INFORMATION AGE of today a few keystrokes or mouse clicks presents volumes of information on any topic including Reserve Banking and Corporatism. It becomes evident with a little research that a ruling, ELITE, CRIMINAL EXECUTIVE class of PARASITES has taken temporary control via our puppet politicians, of our world and collective destinies. Make no mistake, these EVIL people function behind the scenes and above the law, their wealth is built on the blood (corporate wars) of our children and other innocents. It is the PARASITIC, EXECUTIVE class of Bankers and Corporatists that Jesus, the Buddha and other social reformers would be relentlessly attacking TODAY.

Follow the link below and view the video which speaks for itself and confirm beyond any measure of doubt the callous, elitist, HEARTLESS and arrogant attitude of today’s murdering, ruling Wall St, elites and understand why they were targeted in the past and MUST be ELIMINATED TODAY if the world is to know peace and harmony.

WE, the GLOBAL MAJORITY are ONE indeed, but a rope, after due legal process, is warranted for the heinous crimes these people have committed or are DIRECTLY responsible for.

We are Many -- We are ONE – We are UNSTOPPABLE!

Peace to you, brothers and sisters of the WORLD but JUSTICE must also be served -- death to the purveyors of GLOBAL destruction, misery and mass murder. Let it be known that these evil, DESTRUCTIVE, self-serving, Banking and Corporatist PARASITES are of no use to humanity whatsoever.

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