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And the House came Tumbling Down
by stylus Friday, Sep 23 2011, 11:34am
international / peace/war / commentary

What a tragedy for NATO and the Libyan people that CIA-backed rebels are further from securing -- for any length of time -- any Libyan territory whatsoever. Today the situation continues to deteriorate and is worse than at any time during the West’s criminal ‘humanitarian’ bombing campaign. Oil Transnationals and the Reserve Banking cartel behind this and every other conflict/war raging today, now stand in full view of the world AND HISTORY with their pants around their ankles revealing -- for those equipped with a magnifying glass -- their tiny, FEAR-retracted penises!


The West, unable to secure any ground whatsoever (regardless of false media reports) NOW FACES a protracted guerrilla war, which could force inept Western command to use even more deadly weapons, including (nuclear capable) bunker busters.

In a frantic effort to break the spirit of the free Libyan people, NATO has been bombing the people it pledged to protect. Critical civilian infrastructure, including food stores and markets, have been targeted and bombed by NATO, however, no signs of capitulation are evident!

Stunned by the resolve of the Libyan resistance, inept NATO and US command’s ‘solution’ is to continue bombing but with even more vigour than before. The destruction and unrestrained vandalism of the NATO bombing campaign is absolutely horrific and any (remaining) appearance that the Libyan intervention is a humanitarian exercise has quite literally gone up in smoke.

The entire world is now able to witness the ugly FRAUD Oil Transnationals and the Reserve Banking cartel have perpetrated on the people. The longer this conflict continues, the stronger opposition from ALL QUARTERS becomes. Time was of the essence in this criminal war and the longer hostilities continue the more difficult it becomes for inept NATO to succeed – murmurings of disapproval and discontent have already become audible voices of opposition.

It has yet to dawn on Western command that today’s wars are not won with bombs or ‘psywar’ tactics, they are won by the people or not won at all! NATO and the US are now reviled from the Balkans, through Central Asia and now all Africa, notwithstanding traditional opponents Russia and China. Awareness of the criminality of this war increases daily among Western populations. From a strategic and practical perspective the Libyan war is a FIASCO and threatens to DESTABILISE illegally held territory in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan – the entire house of cards is ready to fall.

We support automatically all people in their fight to free themselves from oppression and the tyranny of Western Corporatism and economic slavery.

The most valuable asset in today’s wars is a sniper rifle. Targeting and dispatching invading foreigners and rebel leaders on a daily basis accelerates the inevitable final defeat of US/NATO forces.

FREEDOM FIGHTERS, brothers and sisters around the GLOBE, final victory is ASSURED -- WE are ONE!

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