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"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" -- George Orwell
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The People Support Politicians that Support the People
by nano Friday, Sep 23 2011, 1:13am
international / social/political / commentary

In view of the above self-evident Truth, why are today’s politicians UNIVERSALLY REVILED by the masses? The question is almost rhetorical as the answer is obvious – TODAY’S POLITICIANS DO NOT SUPPORT THE MAJORITY BUT INSTEAD SERVE MINORITY INTERESTS THAT ARE DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED TO THE INTERESTS OF THE MAJORITY!

This piece could end with the first paragraph, however, in the interests of the few that continue to FOOLISHLY believe our thoroughly corrupt, minority-serving Corporate and Banking (Goldman Sachs’ carbon tax) LACKEY politicians, I shall proceed.

Take the detested Australian PM, Juliar Gillard, as an example of ALL unrepresentative western leaders. This politically BANKRUPT woman recently gushed her unwavering support for Wall St controlled Congress and supported her despicable, treasonous, kowtowing with a concession to war mongering FOREIGN Bankers and Corporatists to allow the construction of FIVE full scale (nuclear capable) US military bases on Oz soil, WHILE at the same time attempting to IMPOSE on the Australian people a BANKER designed detested Carbon Tax!

Now, consider the implications – Gillard has just made Oz a PRIMARY nuclear target so that American/Wall St interests are able to mount a MAJOR OFFENSIVE against nuclear superpower China, which just happens to be Australia’s MAJOR TRADING PARTNER. Insanity you say, NO, SERVILITY to minority interests!

Perhaps China may wish to economically REMIND Oz just who its REAL FRIENDS are? America is in no position to compete with China as a trading partner, in fact the WTO recently FORCED Australia to allow – against all our quarantine laws and policies -- the IMPORTATION of potentially diseased apples (fireblight) into our fireblight free nation! Did we hear any PROTESTATIONS from Gillard or any of HER senior ministers regarding this gangster event – not on YOUR UNREPRESENTED life! This deal, which clearly threatens the local industry and favours foreign CORPORATIONS was accompanied with THREATS to block Oz export goods to other countries – that is a VERIFIABLE, criminal FACT! Needless to say our agricultural sector is FURIOUS with our SPINELESS, minority serving politicians – and our politicians continue to wonder why their approval ratings hover around 25%!

I only mention these two outrageous examples of acting AGAINST the BEST INTERESTS of the nation and its people to highlight the FACT that western politicians no longer serve their populations. Furthermore, facing HUGE opposition from the Australian people Gillard/’Obama/Merkel/Sarkozy etc’, maintain their support for the INSANE policies of criminal Banking and murdering Corporate elites – the charade of ‘humanitarian interventions’ not only ended with the overt crimes committed against the Libyan people by the US and NATO but ALSO EXPOSED the thorough CORRUPTION of the UN and ICC!

Yet minority cabals, supported by their LYING, misrepresenting, mass media machines -- which are losing traction as I write -- continue to believe that the masses will stand by and ACCEPT the NORMALISATION of mass murder, plunder, WEALTH DISPARITY and plummeting living standards in order for a few DECADENT sociopaths to enjoy champagne breakfasts and gold plated taps in their bathrooms! Need I remind criminal elites and our SERVILE POLITICIANS that innocent children around the world pay for these opulent lifestyles with their lives! The modern ‘aristocracy’ and lackey politicians IGNORE current REALITIES to their very great future cost.

But to return to our puppet politicians; the term BANKRUPT denotes a lack of assets and the greatest asset a politician enjoys is the support of the people. Gillard, Obama and the rest, have sold out their populations and nations to nefarious criminal interests for few farthings in personal gain. The current political REALITY is this: politicians FEAR their unelected masters MORE than they FEAR the WRATH of the MASSES, a never before seen occurrence that MUST be reversed! IT IS TIME we REMINDED our treasonous, unrepresentative politicians of the COST of their BETRAYALS and crimes.

The US mass media is currently imposing a media blackout on the ONGOING civil protests against Financial and Corporate elites on Wall St – it seems the American people have finally targeted the REAL CRIMINALS behind all the woes of the western world, nay the entire GLOBE! It is THEREFORE INCUMBENT on all of us, the moral majority, to support ALL CITIZENS everywhere in their FIGHT to RESTORE JUSTICE and DEMOCRACY to their respective societies/nations – WE are ONE in this FIGHT and politicians that ignore the GROWING tide of DISCONTENT risk more than just losing their seats in office!

OUR DEMANDS for JUSTICE, EQUITY and FAIR PLAY MUST BE HEEDED and existing (ignored) LAWS MUST APPLY TO ALL without EXCEPTION, Mr Blair, Bush, Cheney, Obama, etc! Killing civilians is a CRIME and for that crime alone we can haul all offending western politicians and NGOs, past and present, to the gallows -- FACT!

We are MANY -- We are ONE – We are UNSTOPPABLE!

Disseminate this message widely.

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