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Bankers and Corporations really 'care' [about THEIR profits]
by eddy Thursday, Sep 22 2011, 8:45am
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Wake up WORLD, before it's too late

Borderless, stateless Transnationals, corrupt and poison EVERYTHING they touch. They are rogue, stateless entities exploiting everything and answering to no one. Every war waged since the Balkan intervention has had Corporatists behind it. Millions of innocents have died so a few, profit only driven, psychopaths could turn a decadent buck.

In Australia Transnationals rape, plunder and POLLUTE OUR environment and then take over 80% of the profits offshore. They own our servile, 'Carbon Tax' politicians and continue to corrupt every level of government in the country.

However, the people continue to exert LEGAL ownership over the entire nation via the DEMOCRATIC process of REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT. Surely it is NOW time for the people to REMOVE unrepresentative, owned, LACKEY politicians and install representatives that reflect majority NOT minority interests!

IT IS TIME the PEOPLE, the MORAL MAJORITY, EXERCISED THEIR DEMOCRATIC PREROGATIVES and restored JUSTICE and order to their respective societies.

It is SELF-EVIDENT that ALL major political parties have been thoroughly corrupted and that mainstream politicians serve MINORITY interests at the expense of the majority. Even the Australian Greens have been corrupted by deviants and abberants; they are led by a homosexual sodomite more interested in his personal agenda of gay marriage than the welfare of the nation. He has also openly ADMITTED that he subscribes to the One World Government model of rule, for pete's sake!

It should now be apparent to everyone that the only people we can trust is OURSELVES -- VOTE ALL traditional parties out of office and install Y/OUR LOCAL representatives at every level of government. Do not be intimidated by any fear campaign the Corporate media may choose to wage -- REMAIN FIRM IN THE KNOWLEDGE THAT WE COULDN'T DO A WORSE JOB WITH THE GLOBAL ECONOMY OR ENVIRONMENT than the current crop of criminal puppets and lackeys who LIE and DECEIVE the masses in order to maintain the rule of minority interests.

The MURDEROUS and DESTRUCTIVE rule of Bankers and Corporatists MUST end if we would see a sustainable future for our families and the world.

Share the following video with everyone.

Peace to the MORAL MAJORITY and a noose for the homicidal, thieving and destructive criminal elites.

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