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Wall St Sips Champagne While Watching Protesters
by citizen Wednesday, Sep 21 2011, 11:01pm
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'Let them eat shit,' exudes from criminal, insider elitists

A nation that fails to learn from history is doomed to repeat it -- in this case a direct reference to the insularity of aristocrats (elitists) and the fomenting 'French' revolution is unmistakeable.

It will end badly for arrogant, insular, elitist criminals. A PR stunt gone horribly wrong for Wall St, no doubt, but thanks heaps. You have been outmanoeuvred at every turn and we know where you live -- the Forbes 'headless 400' - LOL!


Link this video far and wide -- we will restore JUSTICE and return our nation to representative DEMOCRACY. You can back it in!

Cleaves Alternative News.