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The US integrates Oz into its Global Missile 'Defence'
by darcy Monday, Sep 19 2011, 1:07pm
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21 million sovereign citizens were NOT Consulted!

America's latest colonial outpost, AUSTRALIA, is to be utilised as an offensive military launchpad against China, should it ever challenge US hegemony. The first stage of Gillard's treasonous sell out has begun.

Aussie citizens are no doubt overjoyed at the prospect of becoming primary nuclear targets but America could care less, Australia has always been viewed as an exploitable piece of convenient real estate populated by beer swilling, uninformed drongos.


Conservative PM John 'aluminium tubing' Howard was first to grovel to Washington, Rudd followed and even suggested that America attack China, I kid you not, but the idea and policy was not his. Our precious little show pony, Rudd, has never had an original idea in his pathetic, bureaucratic life; however, he always dreamt of becoming a man one day, so he suggested that the US attack China, an act that leaves no doubt as to his mental 'stability.'

The current reviled PM, Juliar Gillard, comforted uninformed Aussies after signing off on FIVE US bases by stating that the nation was "enthusiastic" about becoming a PRIMARY nuclear target! We can thank the two major political parties for gifting our sovereignty to the world's leading civilian killing nation, which has been at war (with numerous nations) for the past decade!

It appears that America plays foreign policy with its military, either take the corruption money and shut up or we'll launch another 'humanitarian' attack to protect Corporate interests, I mean innocent civilians!

Sole report from the Australian follows:

Missile defence on agenda of US-Australia talks
by Brad Norington

SENIOR US government officials have confirmed that Washington intends to step up co-operation with Australia on missile defence.

US State Department officials also said yesterday that development of new cyber-warfare technology would be a priority.

The issues were flagged ahead of alliance talks today in San Francisco involving Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd, Defence Minister Stephen Smith and their US counterparts Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defence Secretary Leon Panetta. A senior US State Department official said efforts were being made to improve co-operation on tactical and theatre missile defence systems.

"There are substantial elements where the US and Australia are going to increase our co-operation in the military arena in cyber, missile, and other capabilities," the official said.

Three Australian Navy air warfare destroyers under construction are expected to be fitted with Aegis missile defences.

Their radar systems would be able to detect and shoot down ballistic missiles.

Another key to the defence system is the Jindalee over-the-horizon radar system capable of detecting missile launches deep in North Asia.

The talks today -- the US-Australia ministerial meeting, known as Ausmin -- are being held in San Francisco to mark the 60th anniversary of the Anzus treaty signed by the US and Australia in the west coast city on September 1, 1951.

An agreement at the last annual Ausmin meeting in Melbourne on co-operation on cyber-warfare will be taken a step further with an acknowledgement that a cyber-attack on either the US or Australia would activate the Anzus alliance.

"That is one of the battlefields of the future," Mr Smith said.

In a preview of the Ausmin talks, Mr Smith raised concerns about the possibility of a massive cyber-attack to thwart communications of either nation as a precursor to a military attack.

China was not named as the source of such possible attacks, but security experts said cyber-disruption of large corporations and some government agencies had come from the region.

The prelude to the Ausmin talks yesterday was the Australian government's award of an honorary Order of Australia to George Shultz, secretary of state during the Reagan presidency.

Australian Ambassador to the US Kim Beazley announced the award and Mr Rudd praised Mr Shultz's contribution.

2011 News Limited

Now that Gillard has allowed the construction of FIVE FULL SCALE American military bases on Oz soil, making us a PRIMARY nuclear target in the process, shouldn't we be asking what provisions she is making for the SAFETY of the nation's urban population? The Russians are not upgrading their nuclear shelters for nothing. May be related to the impending conflict between America and China. Australia was not obliged to compromise its safety for America's imperial wars. At the next election boycott the major (owned) parties and vote for people's representatives not Washington lackeys and Corporate facilitators.

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