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Libya’s and Serbia’s COWARDLY ally, CHINA
by stan Saturday, Sep 17 2011, 12:20am
international / peace/war / commentary

The cowardly Chinese (dog) ambassador to the UN, Li Baodong, said Friday that China would “continue to support” (?) the Libyan people in their efforts to maintain sovereignty, well, ya could’ve fooled me and the rest of the world! ‘Support’ like that no one needs! One can only wonder what Gaddafi thinks of his gutless ally today. Yes, indeed, China WAS regarded as ally and friend by the Libyan people as it was by the Serbian people that is, until China showed its TRUE COLOUR, YELLOW as in COWARD!

China made its friendship and support known for both Serbia and Libya BUT when the chips are down and the pressure is on China RUNS like the COWARDLY DOG that it OBVIOUSLY is! China has now abandoned Libya as it did Serbia, the YELLOW DOG nation put its tail between its legs and RAN while the whole world was watching – YOU HAVE NO FACE, CHINA!

The laughter can be heard all the way from Washington. They haven’t stopped laughing at China since it ABANDONED its traditional ally Serbia, abandoning Libya in its hour of need is ‘par for the course;’ the laughter can now be heard from Western Europe and America!

Western nations are aware there is no standing still in international politics, nations either ADVANCE or DROP BACK. One would have thought that superpower China had finally learnt this critical lesson, especially since becoming a WORLD POWER but it seems not.

The West has been growing STRONGER since pushing the noses of both Russia and China in the Balkans, so now we witness much posturing and empty words from China and Russia but precious little ACTION and as we all know it is ACTIONS that speak loudest in international affairs. China and Russia have become the EUNUCH superpowers of our time and deserve the derision and contempt they receive.


America WAS ready to compromise in the event of a stand-off with another superpower in the Balkans; I can assure Asia that America and its cowardly allies were not willing to risk nuclear OBLITERATION. But the world is a different place today with both China and Russia NOW surrounded by NATO and offensive US missile ‘defences.’ The critical window of nuclear attack and response NOW FAVOURS the WEST and gutless China and Russia have only their COWARDICE to blame.

I can also assure China that the USA has no intention of sharing anything it needs with anyone in the near future; it will renege on all its promises and LAUNCH, only fools and Chinese believe US lies – look what they did to Gaddafi, befriended, embraced and lied to him in order to DISMANTLE his WMD program. Once that was accomplished the knife went in. If Russia or China imagine they are somehow exempt or immune from US treachery they are more deluded and naïve than first thought. Good luck to the soon to be glowing, yellow dogs of the world.

In conclusion we would like to state that it is known that the international Banking and Financial elite have ALL the superpowers ‘captured’ and any opposition between nations is purely illusory, similar to the two party 'adversarial' political system in western ‘democracies;’ however, the Banking and Financial cartel has CLEARLY FAILED and sooner than you think a pre-emptive NUCLEAR action will occur.

After the complete global financial collapse of 2011 the world will be reduced to a fight between superpowers and China and Russia have ALLOWED the US/NATO to gain the strategic advantage – I hope they pay the highest price possible for their miserable COWARDICE.

Chinese TOY soldiers; amazing synchronisation but Asians have always specialised in acrobatics and circus performing, their military is no different. Marching is performing NOT intimidating or fighting. A nation of clowns and slaves.


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you're right
by andy Saturday, Sep 17 2011, 8:27am

No point having a military if you don't know how to use it. Pretty marching toy soldiers.

In a conflict the Chinese would do all the dying and America all the killing.

The video is laughable; the Chinese, as usual, have missed the point.

Pragmatism rules in China
by wen Saturday, Sep 17 2011, 11:54pm

It is important that westerners understand that before the Chinese existed they were pragmatic! And yes, even to the extent of compromising 'honour and integrity' -- laughable ideals in the world of international politics.

Upward of $4 billion in investments are tied up in Libya and the Chinese government is not about to risk losing that amount or future returns, so they turned on 'ally' Gaddafi and recognised the TNC -- much to the satisfaction and mirth of the West. As for abandoning Serbia that was outright cowardice.

No doubt it will cost China dearly in the future but as you point out (the same) Financial interests are behind all the superpowers.

As to the prospect of a military conflict between the USA and China; some analysts and commentators say it is inevitable and while you correctly refer to the encircling of China by NATO, it's a trade-off China was willing to make in order to buy time and develop a military equal or able to effectively challenge the USA, at least to a Mutually Assured Destruction level.

However, if your rough piece is noticed in Beijing it would be for the reasons you cite and the way in which you refer to loss of face.

It is clear to both the Chinese and Americans that this small globe is not big enough for rising Asian powers and failing but still powerful Western powers. Regardless of the view one takes Asia will prevail against a clearly declining west -- the western economy has been on life support since 2008 and continues to exhibit no signs of life.

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