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Oz PM Gillard to model ALP along American Lines
by bluey Thursday, Sep 15 2011, 2:06pm
national / social/political / commentary

Reprehensible lying bitch Juliar Gillard, yes the same as gushed profusely in Washington and signed off on FIVE full scale US military bases making Oz a primary nuclear target, now wishes to reform the people's party of Australia along American lines.

Corporate lackey, Juliar Gillard
Corporate lackey, Juliar Gillard

Is anyone surprised by the actions of this Goldman Sachs Carbon Tax traitor who once attempted to grant Corporate bosses the legal right to spy on the private emails of their employees? There is nothing good that issues from America and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING good about corporate and Washington LACKEY Gillard.

Gillard says she wishes to improve the party with her reforms, well the best thing she can do to improve the Labor Party is RESIGN; this albatross of a PM must be removed one way or the other. If she is too selfish to step down or resign then steps must be taken by the Party to remove her. She is the most incompetent and lacklustre political leader the nation has ever known -- Keating may have been hated at one stage but he was never a bereft of vision DETESTABLE, gushing groveller and corporate lackey.

It is really very simple to improve the Labor Party. Currently it serves the interests of Washington, Transnationals and the Banking, Corporate elites; if Labor wishes to stem the flow of outgoing members then it should return to Labor basics and represent the PEOPLE -- today the people of Australia lack a REAL people's Party. A political void that must be filled by a new party or a GENUINE Labor REPRESENTATIVE of the PEOPLE.


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still LYING
by integrity Friday, Sep 16 2011, 2:55am

In her address to Labor elites at old parliament house, Gillard attempted to identify herself as, wait for it, "centre-left!" What! Orwellian politics in action.

Since when is UNDEMOCRATICALLY IMPOSING an unwanted, BANKER designed Carbon Tax on the people centre-left; or offering Corporate bosses the legal right to SPY on the PRIVATE email communications of their employees, Big Brother; or kowtowing to the wishes of an OVERTLY criminal, mass murdering, imperialist, colonial power - America; or allowing Transnationals to plunder the nation's wealth and take over 80% of the profits offshore????? "Centre-left," not in your wildest, distorted dreams, Gillard. But of course no one expects you to be in harmony with the people.

As was said of old, you cannot serve two masters, Juliar -- you have CLEARLY made your undemocratic treasonous choice!

Now be a good, obedient lackey for the US corporate and banking interests and offer to be the first to send Oz troops to the clearly criminal war raging in Libya; remember, it was Labor's Stephen 'kneepads' Smith who -- under clear instruction from Washington -- was the first to 'recognise' the STOLEN province of Kosovo as a separate state, complete with a criminal identity as prime minister -- memory is a wonder thing, Juliar!

Our advice to the Party stands, REMOVE HER; as for you Gillard, fuck off, you lying piece of contemptuous, traitorous, shit -- and you can shove your corrupt American Party reforms up your American-loving arse.


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