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Time and Reality
by lark Wednesday, Sep 14 2011, 12:21pm
international / philosophy / article

Time, that dynamic arbitrary form of measure upon which all western culture rides simply does not exist. We, everything exists in an indestructible continuum which is verifiable as continuous experience. Arguments attempting to validate an arbitrary form of measure (time) in an infinite continuum are absurd, have you ever attempted to introduce the ‘past’ or ‘future’ into the voluptuous, explosive present/NOW? At best we are only able to veil continuous reality with allusions (false notions) fictions and myths, even memory is a process that occurs in the present; is anyone able to experience the past in the past or future in the future? NO! All experience/reality is NOW, including what we imagine the past or future to be. Put simply nothing exists or has ever existed outside the (continuous) present -- disbelievers, please try in vain to produce the past or future!


Perhaps it may be helpful to define reality in order to proceed with clarity -- reality is here defined as continuous, evolving experience, which is the only demonstrable process/proof of existence, or defined in the negative, reality is a state devoid of all quantitative superimpositions.

Consciousness is the sole determinant, nothing exists outside consciousness, that is self-evident; indeed, it is the ONE and ONLY reality, as nothing can be experienced without a conscious ‘experient,’ and as declared, experience only occurs in the NOW or in the measureless, continuous, CONSCIOUS present. Therefore it becomes evident that consciousness and reality are interchangeable terms, consciousness is the infinite continuum or reality.

This piece is actually being ‘written’ as it is being read (simultaneously) by the actuating principle of the reader’s consciousness; the 'author' is subsumed by the reader or more accurately is created by the reader. ‘I’ have never existed outside or separate from the reader’s consciousness. Therefore, I am obliged to warn readers that reading this piece risks unsettling the (finite) mind, which is the measuring, veiling faculty.

I should also state that ‘Time and Reality’ are mutually exclusive and that writing and reading are all inclusive.


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