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‘Our’ Politicians: who do they really serve?
by snowy Tuesday, Sep 13 2011, 2:59pm
national / social/political / commentary

Remember the days when our pollies had acute survival instincts and gauged PUBLIC OPINION and support and dreaded any loss in popularity? One characteristic they all shared regardless of stripe was a strong survival instinct. When politicians lost popularity/support they quickly adjusted their tactics and policies to more closely align to the public will – yes, indeed those days reflected representative DEMOCRACY or majority rule, the PUBLIC groaned and our pollies jumped!

Unrepresentative JP Morgan Blair and G Sachs 'carbon tax' Gillard
Unrepresentative JP Morgan Blair and G Sachs 'carbon tax' Gillard

Today, however, regardless of devastatingly bad popularity polls ‘our’ pollies refuse to alter course or adjust their behaviour -- so much for representative democracy.

However, our pollies jump when Corporatists and Bankers like Goldman Sachs instruct them to sell a toxic Carbon Tax to the public and disregard all previous promises to the contrary.

Inflicting a detested Carbon Tax on the people for minority interests in diametric opposition to the public will CLEARLY indicates that the fundamental nature of politics has dramatically changed. Our pollies are not stupid though many are incompetent, today entire political parties pay a HUGE price for disregarding public opinion but they do not seem to care, what drives them to consciously commit political suicide?

Today we even witness entire political parties self-destruct – Australia’s Gillard Labor government is one such case; its defeat at the next election is certain, the entire nation is aware YET the party maintains its suicidal course!

Many politicians are handsomely rewarded immediately after they are either kicked or retire from political life; extremely lucrative consultancy fees, lectures, book publications and other nice earners are offered; after he was exposed as a lying war criminal and unrepresentative lackey for corporate and oil interests, Tony Blair was given an extremely lucrative ‘position’ with JPMorgan that earned him millions!

Politicians today jump when instructed to by MINORITY INTERESTS and disregard the democratic majority! What does that suggest to you? If our pollies no longer react to our wishes or sell us out immediately after gaining office it becomes obvious they serve interests other than the public’s

This new political behaviour reflects a new political dynamic where the masses have no real influence, they are viewed as a dumb herd not fit to make their own decisions, a mob of morons to be lied to and deceived on a regular basis; Obama and the American population exemplify that trend.

The question now is what to do in order to prevent politicians from betraying the trust people have invested in them? And what penalties should we levy on those politicians that take the public for granted and work against majority interests. How should we deal with dishonest politicians and the minority forces that corrupt them?

The selection process remains with the people -- for how much longer we do not know -- it is not only imperative but incumbent on the people to EXERCISE their political prerogatives and elect REAL REPRESENTATIVE politicians to parliament and high office. The outrageous frauds perpetrated on the people by corporate lackey politicians today is without doubt a sure sign of criminal corruption, though it would be difficult but not impossible to prove.

A very safe rule of thumb is to withdraw all support from the corporate controlled major parties and their owned stable of politicians. Vote your local representatives into office without hesitation. We are able to restore Democracy if we adhere to a few very simple principles; refuse to be swayed by the lying corporate-owned mass media and never passively tolerate ANY politician reneging, reversing or 'backflipping' on promises -- DEMAND that they STEP DOWN immediately! It really isn't too difficult to regain our nation and OUR economic wealth.

The latest accurate figures indicate that Transnational corporations take over 80% of the profits -- HUNDREDS of BILLIONS -- from Australia's mineral wealth OFFSHORE annually; the remaining 20% is absorbed by directors, consultants and elite executives, the people see virtually NONE of THEIR NATION'S FINITE WEALTH, which is being plundered at an astonishing rate.

Aussies would also note that our lackey politicians are making no provisions or plans for the future when we have been STRIPPED BARE of all our natural wealth -- but of course, THEY would have feathered their own nests.

Wake up Australia, it is our nation and our future at stake. Boycott all major parties including the one world government Greens and return our nation to its RIGHTFUL owners, THE PEOPLE!

'onya, Oz!


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