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The Libyan Deal in a Nutshell
by baz Tuesday, Sep 13 2011, 9:18am
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

The US/NATO gets to steal the Oil and other energy resources – after a massive ‘humanitarian’ bombing campaign – and their al-Qaeda, fundamentalist, jihadist allies on the ground get government with western approval to impose sharia law. A retrograde move for the Libyan people but do Western Corporatist forces behind this criminal war give a damn once they have what they want?

Take a long hard look at the al-Qaeda, Jihadist allies of the West in this war and remember that these same extremist, fundamentalist groups are the sworn enemies of the West in Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. So which factors determine friendly from unfriendly al-Qaeda? Allowing Corporatists to PLUNDER at will, would clearly be the answer – oppose western plunder and you’re enemy al-Qaeda; comply and the West happily allows the institution of a mediaeval system of government and barbaric theocratic oppression. In other words Western Corporatist forces have no INTEGRITY or MORAL VALUES whatsoever; they would happily get into bed with the devil himself if they could turn a profit.

Are we surprised to learn the truth about the Libyan invasion and the ugly forces behind it; have we seen this vile scenario before?

Stolen Kosovo was handed to Muslim terrorist rebels who continue to run the province today -- under the watchful eye of NATO of course. The NATO installed puppet prime minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, is a known white slaver, gun runner, heroin dealer/smuggler, human organ harvester and murderer, once wanted by Interpol; his brother-in-law is the most notorious organised crime figure in Albania. It should now be clear that certain skills and credentials are required to do business with NATO and the US!

The tenth anniversary of 9/11 also marks ten straight years of criminal civilian killing by NATO and US forces around the globe.

War is peace.

Freedom is slavery.

Law is crime.

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