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Do People Deserve their Governments?
by withheld Monday, Sep 12 2011, 1:54am
international / social/political / article

My 12yo daughter's school project

In view of this site’s very clear agenda, I would be surprised if you publish my short story.

The answer to the title question is of course in the affirmative for reasons which will become apparent as we continue.

Never before in all history have the workings, legal and illegal, of government been more widely exposed, known, easily referenced and readily accessed than they are today.

I arrived at this awakening after my 12yo child, who was completing a 6th grade school project, asked me a question well above what one would normally expect of her age. The question related to 9/11 and the temperature at which steel melts and jet fuel burns.

I must confess I didn’t have a specific answer for my child, whose facial expression betrayed mild disappointment with her ‘hero’ Dad, however, I recalled enough from my high school science days to answer in less specific terms and informed her that I was fairly sure that steel melts at temperatures much higher than burning jet fuel (which is a type of kerosene) but would have to look it up to be sure and then resumed reading my paper.

My child seemed satisfied with my answer and returned to her room. However, she returned shortly after and informed me of the exact temperature at which steel melts and jet fuel burns. I had of course forgotten she grew up in the digital computer age and took the Internet resource for granted, I should have known. I thanked her and complimented her on her research skills but became curious as to what my 12yo child was working on, so I asked to see her project -- if it was ok with her -- I had learned to respect my children as I received no respect or recognition from my parents, who imagined their kids were extensions of themselves; needless to say relations are strained, my older brother, who took the brunt of authoritarian abuse, hasn’t spoken to our parents for 20 years.

My daughter expressed her pleasure with my curiosity and was happy to show me her work. I was impressed with what I saw, especially the careful detail she displayed for composition, though it was obvious a high (acceptable) percentage was copied directly from the Internet, however, her structural skills and ability to develop a theme (not that she knew the meaning of the word) seemed at a level beyond her age, her ability in that regard was hers alone. I was duly impressed and genuinely complimented her on her “outstanding” work; she was tickled pink to accept praise and approval from her loving father and resumed her work with a gleeful energy.

I returned to my favourite chair not to continue reading my paper but to ponder and marvel at how easily my 12yo could locate, with the click of a mouse, the information she required.

My daughter is a child of her the times and I had either forgotten or failed to appreciate the nature of the reality in which we live, I would rather not face the uncomfortable fact that I continued to be affected by an antiquated mindset that looked to traditional media for information, though I was acutely aware that any integrity the mass media may have had in the past, was long gone these days, Rupert Murdoch’s media empire is the perfect criminal example.

My daughter’s project caused somewhat of a fuss at her school though I am not sure who influenced her to take the investigative or opposing view (probably her mother) on the accepted story of 9/11; I was ‘invited’ to attend an interview with her teacher and the principal, a staunch conservative of the old school.

I attended and listened intently to the ‘concerns’ the ‘school’ had regarding my daughter’s project, which turned out to be an excellent 12yo exposé of the official 9/11 story. After hearing all the school’s concerns (complaints actually) I immediately threatened legal action if my daughter was penalised, singled-out or victimised in the future. I referred to her well thought out, detailed and structured project in support of her “excellent” work and handed the ossified mummy of a headmaster my card with the additional information that I normally commanded fees upward of $5000/hour for my legal services as a QC!

But what I really wanted to say was fuck you and all the mainstream lies and propaganda on 9/11, which a 12yo could easily see through. After ten years the official 9/11 story would not stand up in any court in the land. The official story is pure farce. The abundance of verifiable and easily accessed scientific evidence and expert opinion on 9/11 is freely available on the Internet for everyone to see.

It is about time the world confronted the facts on 9/11 and forced a comprehensive, criminal inquiry into the matter.

[Sir, it was a pleasure reading and publishing your story and compliments to your daughter. I would hope that readers link and share this inspiring story with friends and family. Ed]


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Well said
by chela Monday, Sep 12 2011, 2:09pm

I echo the Editors words. And I am so pleased that your daughter seems to take after her father. Your words ring with so much truth and sincerity I applaud you. I will defiantly be sending your words far and wide with permission.

Yes Sir the truth is out there!

Namaste may we all come to live in peace together.

You Only Believe the Official 9/11 Story Because You Don't Know the Official 9/11 Story
by Jesse Richard:

thank you, chela
by withheld Tuesday, Sep 13 2011, 9:39am

please, distribute to whomsoever you wish with my blessings.


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