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TSA Grope Alert
by tige Saturday, Sep 10 2011, 4:23am
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The US Transport Security Administration (TSA) will be having a gropers field day after a reported "credible" terrorist alert. It seems that associates of Hollywood Bin Laden, who wasn't really murdered and buried at sea (we owe him too much) have replaced him to become the nation's new bogeymen -- Bin Laden is currently enjoying his well-earned retirement in Florida! So ready yourselves citizens, your children are about to be legally molested by uniformed perverts and YOU are about to have your genitals groped by rustic maladjusts charged with the task of 'keeping America safe!'


Never mind the fact that someone recently smuggled a pistol through TSA checks -- staff were too busy touching-up people's crotches to notice; can you really blame them for forgetting what they should be looking for? All those tits, balls, cocks and cunts to play with! "Go back to bed America, your government is protecting you." -- Bill Hicks (RIP)

I tried to locate a video for this report but all I could find was the following vid in Hindi! Get used to it America, India with her Asian neighbour, China, are the new economic powerhouses of the future -- you poor, dumb, foreclosed, unemployed, undereducated, genitally groped, moron slaves. However, you can always join the military, they will add amphetamines to your war diet and burn you out in no time, then you can commit suicide and make room for a new moron!

"Go back to bed America, your government is taking care of you!"


Libertarian Ron Paul on the TSA


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