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9/11 Criminal Conspirators Pissing into the Wind
by nano Saturday, Sep 10 2011, 1:28am
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Tony Blair, reprehensible LIAR, mass murderer, sociopath and war criminal has emerged from his hole to support the now blown to shreds fiction of the official 9/11 story.

Tony Blair, war criminal and sociopath
Tony Blair, war criminal and sociopath

In a recent BBC report (link below) Blair displays his textbook psychopathology for all to see.

Tony Blair, classic narcissist and sociopathic personality actually imagines that people believe his stories when in FACT he is considered, by the overwhelming global majority, to be one of the most reprehensible lying criminals of the modern age with the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocents on his hands. Let’s look at what he has to say on the anniversary of the greatest insider crime -- of which he was a PRINCIPAL participant -- of the new century.

[Perhaps, as a forethought it would be appropriate if heinous criminals like Blair, Bush, Cheney, Howard and the rest are held to account and brought to trial for their KNOWN CRIMES. Only then will the mass murdering of civilians, which has continued uninterrupted since 9/11, cease. The world, due to its complacency now lives in an age where criminal elites OPENLY commit the most heinous crimes against humanity, which only a few decades past would have OUTRAGED a moral WORLD and IMMEDIATELY attracted the harshest legal penalties. The ONUS for restoring justice to the world is on-us my fellow citizens; if WE, the moral majority, fail to ACT in the interests of JUSTICE and peace then WHO will?

I would add that the above puppet politicians facilitated the most horrific, destructive wars for one reason only, so that Transnational Corporations, particularly the petro-chemical and oil industries, could steal the resources of weaker nations and turn a profit for the decadent few. I would also add that other large nations, China, with much greater demands for energy resources, satisfy their needs with civilised trade and business arrangements. There simply are NO credible justifications for all the NEEDLESS, criminal wars the US and NATO wage today.]

The BBC report begins with Blair stating that the killing of Osama Bin Laden was "immensely important" – please note a well known propaganda trick. Blair refers to recent unsubstantiated stories of the killing of Osama Bin Laden, however, he predictably fails to mention the many frauds associated with these assassination stories; the fake photos, fake DNA tests, fake accounts of live helmet-camera feeds to the ‘situation room’ in the White House etc. In fact there are more LIES associated with the bungled, ineptly planned story of he Bin Laden raid, than one would normally expect. No autopsy material or body, no shred of SUBSTANTIAL evidence whatsoever to lend CREDIBILITY to the preposterous claims made by the same moron American Executive that orchestrated the bungled (WTC 7 and Pentagon strike) 9/11 event.

Blair’s initial attempt to sell the Bin Laden assassination story falls on its face and fails to convince any thinking person. However, presenting it as a matter of fact introduction to another (fabricated) story works at the subliminal level and would convince feeble minded Americans -- Bachmann and Palin for ‘PRESIDENT,’ yay! However, as nobody I have ever met believes the official 9/11 or Hollywood Bin Laden stories, I would safely assume that only rustic Americans would be convinced.

Blair attempts to sell us the existence of “large numbers” of al-Qaeda, which ACTUALLY number less than 200 worldwide, according to official US reports – that is significantly less than the criminal American mafia, Tony! It should be noted that the vast majority of resistance in occupied countries around the world are LOCAL fighters NOT al-Qaeda. People like yourself -- as YOU would expect -- attempting to rid their nations and homes of murdering foreign INVADERS and plunderers stealing their wealth and killing their families, no mystery here but Blair adheres to the tried and tested al-Qaeda bogeyman story.

Blair, like all pathological personalities lives in his own delusional world, he has clearly FAILED to realise that the REAL world is a much wiser place today than when he sold his "45 minute" LIE to parliament in order to drag the UK into an (illegal) Corporate, Oil war.

In Afghanistan it is common knowledge that the TALIBAN offer the most effective, co-ordinated resistance to invading forces NOT al-Qaeda. This situation applies to every other occupied and invaded territory/nation, local citizens as would be expected fight to preserve their lives and what is rightfully theirs.

It is worthy of mention that today Libyan nationalists are resisting western invading forces and that NATO has enlisted the services of former Jihadists and al-Qaeda operatives to LEAD the CIA backed rebel forces against the legitimate government of Libya! Try picking up a newspaper every now and then, Tony; but we know its hard tearing yourself away from the mirror, you performing clown!

I do not wish to spoon feed readers only to stimulate further research and offer a fresh perspective; however, I would conclude by referring to the “islamist extremist threat” to which Blair and current PM Cameron cling in order to justify the CONTINUING mass murdering, CORPORATE wars of PLUNDER and PROFIT raging today. There is NO “islamist threat,” only people defending their homes and ancestral lands from mass murdering, thieving, foreign invaders. It is a worn propaganda trick to label the victim as criminal when in fact REALITY dictates otherwise. Ask yourself what YOU would do if foreigners invaded your country and began killing your family and stealing your wealth!

Now please indulge me in a personal message to the vile murdering scum that is Tony Blair and his cohorts in CRIME. Know this and know it well; your lies and propaganda are a joke today, you persist in repeating transparent slogans and tissue thin lies, you are convincing only a few (Americans).

I would state the following CLEARLY for the world to evaluate:

ALL the OIL and material wealth in the world does not amount to one infinitesimal fraction of the value of one innocent child’s life, you disgusting, murdering, LYING bastards. I personally, with the overwhelming MORAL MAJORITY that populate this planet will see you ALL HANG for your heinous crimes in the VERY near future, of that you can be assured – you are convincing no one because you have ‘lost it,’ faster than we expected.

We are MANY – We are ONE – We are UNSTOPPABLE!

Choke on it!

As for the rest, Peace and Justice WILL prevail if we refuse to accept the normalisation of crime as a way of life or means to an end. The REAL enemy is within; puppet politicians, Transnational Corporatists and Bankers that clearly accept and promote all the wars and the associated massive loss of innocent human life as a 'necessary' consequence of turning a stinking PROFIT -- there is no lower form of human life on earth today! We should never forget that other large nations satisfy their energy needs in a peaceful, CIVILISED manner.

It is INCUMBENT on the overwhelming MORAL MAJORITY and CIVILISED PEOPLE EVERYWHERE to demand an end to ALL unnecessary hostilities and hold ALL known WAR CRIMINALS, Executives and corrupt puppet politicians to ACCOUNT. It is a given that people have diverse views, however, on certain fundamental issues they STAND UNITED; confronted with a UNIFIED peaceful FRONT, our governments simply have no choice but to accede to demands, capitulate or risk the hangman's noose. There are no greater forces for change than MORAL OUTRAGE and INJUSTICE and there is no greater social force than the PEOPLE!

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