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Insider 9/11 Conspiracists try it AGAIN!
by watson Thursday, Sep 8 2011, 11:08pm
international / mass media / commentary

Only dumbed down Americans are buying

I address the international community, the vast MAJORITY of which is firmly of the correct assessment that the 9/11 attacks (including anthrax letters) were internal conspiracies hatched to allow unprecedented, sweeping Executive powers to wage war, PLUNDER and colonise for Corporate and Financial interests. It is bloody OBVIOUS today! Yet, mindless Americans continue to swallow the utter frauds and black flag ops orchestrated and perpetrated by internal Executive conspiracists!

In the past we could always count on Hollywood Bin Laden to threaten attacks on cue or whenever Bush was in trouble at election time -- and it was BELIEVED, notwithstanding that the mean intelligence level of Americans is the lowest in the developed world.

Now I ask all banjo playing Americans, do YOU really believe the Bin Laden assassination story with its countless retractions, re-writes and fake photos etc? NOT A SHRED of C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E EVIDENCE was forthcoming yet American morons swallowed the bullshit yet AGAIN, for fuck's sake.

Today we have, on cue, another 'terrorist' threat announced by the world's leading CRIMINAL, terrorist organisation -- the AMERICAN EXECUTIVE -- of an impending attack to mark the anniversary of the insider 9/11 attack!

Based on previous, VERIFIABLE, criminal conspiratorial actions, behaviours and open bungles (WTC 7 & Pentagon 'plane' strike) what would the average lobotomised American make of today's announcement -- AGAIN offered without a shred of credible evidence (notwithstanding that a CIA black ops team could furnish abundant 'evidence' on demand?

Wake up clowns, the REAL terrorists are in Washington, Wall St, the 'city' of London and Transnational Corporate board rooms, doh! Simply ask yourself who has gained most from the 'terrorist' threat and it all becomes very clear indeed. Hint, a decade of permanent war, plunder and colonial appropriations that benefit whom? The TRANSNATIONALS and BANKERS of course -- you unspeakably dumb fucks!

Americans are currently unable to add 2+2 but they believe anything their media tells them, including the open farce of NUMEROUS retractions and re-writes of the Hollywood Bin Laden assassination! WELL, NOT SO the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY!

Feast your eyes on the latest offering from 'trustworthy' American government sources:

Watch carefully and make historical comparisons -- Snow White and the seven Madison Ave/CIA terrorists, give a single brain cell a break!

Now follow the link for the thinking person's video evidence.


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lay off
by patriot Friday, Sep 9 2011, 12:09am

its people like you that put pressure on agencies to carry out these attacks, kindly leave US alone.

twisted logic
by watson Friday, Sep 9 2011, 12:29am

i have no desire to enter into a slanging match so will confine myself to a single response; though i must admit i am astounded by your 'logic' or lack thereof.

after the executive bungled the Bin Laden 'assassination' has it occurred to you that the nefarious forces to which i refer are 'losing it'? EVERYTHING they do lately, unravels!

'Secret' ops are exposed almost overnight due to incompetent planning and execution -- let them TRY and carry out an attack by proxy or directly; I guarantee it would be EXPOSED in no time and the sooner the American public is forced to confront their criminal leadership and the forces that control them, the sooner we can hold the criminals accountable and return to relative peaceful relations with other nations.

i find it curious that you and a high percentage of Americans are isolationists whereas your Corporate controlled government clearly interferes with the ENTIRE WORLD, to the extent that it murders millions of innocent civilians in the process. You surely wouldn't mind if i and the law abiding global majority pursue these brazen criminals in your midst , would you? Give me a break, you denialist moron!

Must see: Ring of Power: Empire of the City-Full
by lars Monday, Sep 12 2011, 11:20am

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