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"In politics, what begins in fear usually ends in failure" -- Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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Unfolding Totalitarianism: A REALITY Check
by bluey Tuesday, Sep 6 2011, 11:23pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

Today it is plainly evident that MINORITY Financial, Banking and Transnational Corporate interests have corrupted critical state institutions -- legal and regulatory institutions in particular -- and have taken control of ALL the world’s democratic governments. In other words the UNREPRESENTATIVE few are now running rough shod over the masses; have YOU been genitally groped or raided without warrants by amphetamine crazed, steroid gilled, trigger happy police lately? No! Give it time – what the fuck do YOU think is going on, dreamboats?

"... it tolls for thee."
"... it tolls for thee."

Nationwide illegal surveillance on citizens, kidnapping and INDEFINITE illegal detention (including torture, Bradley Manning) without charge; THOROUGHLY CORRUPT, BOUGHT POLITICIANS etc, etc. That is the GRIM REALITY TODAY, you lobotomised no-accounts! Only a few decades past TODAY’S REALITY would have been considered an IMPOSSIBLE totalitarian nightmare, make no mistake.

How? Who is RESPONSIBLE for the current criminal reality of permanent ILLLEGAL WARS, locked-down police suppressed states and genitally groped societies, not to mention rogue white collar insider forces stealing everything of REAL value or trading worthless fiat paper money for REAL, valuable commodities? WHO is RESPONSIBLE, who are the culprits that allowed criminals to take over our lives and our world? The unwelcome answer is of course, ‘YOU,’ YOUR MIRROR INCRIMINATES YOU!

Yes, the responsibility is overwhelmingly ours, WHY? Simply because minority interests that orchestrated/CREATED today’s criminal REALITY have not been ARRESTED, hanged or even held to account – Cheney etc -- for their heinous crimes against HUMANITY, which are so numerous it would take days to list them all in a REAL court of LAW!

Now ask your very ‘brave and moral’ self why you allow it, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE for a few hundred vile criminal sociopathic arseholes to control the GLOBAL majority with feeble, TRANSPARENT LIES?

The official 9/11 report is fuckin’ joke, the ‘sympathetic’ collapse of WTC 7 and the withheld surveillance material on the Pentagon (missile) impact flies in the face of the government report and that is only mentioning TWO anomalies, there are hundreds! Try pulling your thumb out of your arse and using your dormant pea-brain for a change, you mindless morons.

I’m pissed off coz you’re useless; you are allowing MY/OUR world to be run by CRIMINALS that OPENLY commit their crimes and laugh at our apathy and inaction. The Pentagon ‘phantom plane impact’ is enough to blow the lid off everything the nefarious elites have told us regarding an ‘EXTERNAL’ terrorist attack on 9/11 – IT’S FUCKIN’ OBVIOUS IT WAS A BADLY PLANNED AND EXECUTED INTERNAL CONSPIRACY; thousands of professional engineers, architects, physicists, chemical engineers, fire fighters, demolition experts, etc., have challenged the official LYING report, SO WHERE ARE YOU? Where is YOUR SUPPORT for a FULL FORENSIC INQUIRY, which would end in the biggest EXPOSE’ in modern history? 9/11 is the basis upon which all successive international crimes have been committed. WE would round them up in one fell swoop, IT IS THAT SIMPLE; simply D-E-M-A-N-D a full INQUIRY and INDEPENDENT EXPERT FORENSIC INVESTIGATION into the 9/11 event.

We could then RESTORE our democratic institutions and have a viable chance for PEACE.

And please, don’t be fooled AGAIN into voting for one or the other (owned) major political party. Democratic elections are OPEN events for everyone. VOTE for YOUR INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE or failing that a person unsupported by the media that has INTEGRITY – yes, it is OUR WORLD and OUR CHOICE; N-E-V-E-R support major parties again, EVER!

It is absurd to think that a very few criminals – who are in fact shit scared of the masses -- are allowed to cheat, LIE, steal and RUIN our lives and OUR WORLD.

Pentagon - no plane wreckage, no bodies and miles of withheld camera footage!
Pentagon - no plane wreckage, no bodies and miles of withheld camera footage!


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more evidence
by anthrax Wednesday, Sep 7 2011, 1:59am

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