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NATO's criminal attack on Libya is new strategic push to the South
by Andrew Rettman via gan - EU Observer Monday, Sep 5 2011, 9:08am
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After the West convinced Gaddafi to cease his WMD program -- they attacked him!

You can trust NATO and the US like you can trust a Cobra.

People are apt to forget that the West went to great pains to befriend Gaddafi after previous US attacks and attempts on his life. Western forces offered many incentives, mutual co-operation and 'friendship' in order to ensure that Gaddafi dismantled his WMD programs.

Paranoid Abdel Hakim Belhaj (left)
Paranoid Abdel Hakim Belhaj (left)

After confirming that Gaddafi had indeed complied with Western wishes the West attacked and blitzed Libya with the assistance of al-Qaeda jihadists. However, if leopards do not change their spots we can soon expect the West to turn on rebel forces; NATO is not too fussed regarding the consequences of its criminal actions. They will characteristically invent some feeble lie or excuse to MURDER whomsoever they wish.

A word of advice to the very naive al-Qaeda jihadist rebel forces: you are dealing with a KNOWN two headed Cobra, a double cross is CERTAIN, including the assassination of any rebel leaders that knows too much -- SUCKERS!

You deserve everything you get. Western forces have proven time and again they cannot be trusted, their word is equivalent to dog shit. Some people never learn.

Libyan Rebels have stupidly placed themselves in such a compromising position as to be totally dependent on the forces that will soon destroy them -- you dumb, fundamentalist, fanatical fucks!

Whatever western forces promised you it was simply a ploy to gain total control of the situation; now you're fucked if you do and fucked if you don't -- takes real fundamentalist morons to get into that situation.

However, all is not lost; you know the situation on the ground and changing tactics/sides may be your only hope of survival. Personally, I hope you continue on your present (suicidal) course, either way, YOU LOSE!

Report from EU Observer follows:

The Libya conflict signals the end of Nato's eastward expansion and the beginning of a new campaign to conquer the oil-rich Muslim south, Russia's envoy to the military alliance has said.

"To us the war in Libya led by the Western coalition was an entirely new event, a new element that has to be analysed," Russia's ambassador to Nato, Dmitry Rogozin, told EUobserver in an interview on Thursday (1 September), as the anti-Gaddafi coalition met in Paris to mark its victory.

"The war was the end-stage of Nato's eastern expansion. From now on, Nato will expand toward its southern borders, it will project its efforts toward the south, toward traditional Islamic societies," he explained.

"In my own opinion - this is not the official opinion of my country - it was an oil war," he added.

"The West has failed to put forward any economic response [to the financial crisis] and now they are trying to provide their economies with cheap hydrocarbons ... What makes all these ministries in Europe so keen to spend so much money on a new military campaign? Just to help the Libyan people? If you say so, you will make me laugh."

Rogozin predicted that Libya is only "the first" country in the region to face what he called a "new crusade".

He noted that Russia will not support an EU-drafted UN Security Council (UNSC) resolution on Syria in case Nato exploits it to start a war with President Bashar Assad as well.

"Now, we cannot trust Nato. We cannot be sure that after a similar resolution is taken on Syria, they will not exceed that also, that in such a case, [Nato] bombs will start dropping on Damascus."

He said Russia is "happy" that Nato has turned its attention away from former Soviet countries toward the south.

But he predicted the development will increase anti-Western Muslim radicalism in the Middle East and inside Europe. He also voiced worries about what he sees as Nato's attempt to take over from the United Nations in terms of world governance.

"In the first stage Nato will try to become equal to the United Nations in the decision-making process and in a later stage even superior to the UN ... Nato is a group of 28 countries and some of them will withdraw from this consolidation, the alliance itself will be left as a background to this process."

Rogozin defended Russia's own role in Libya, saying it tried to act as an honest broker between Gaddafi and rebel forces and recognised the rebel leaders, the Transitional National Council, on 1 September only when the civil war had ended.

But he accused the West of "nihilism" in its "violation" of UNSC 1973, which mandated the creation of a no-fly zone and protection of civilians, but which did not give Nato the right to wage war against Gaddafi or to supply arms to rebels.

On a personal note, he also accused Nato secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen of lying about civilian deaths.

Referring to a Nato air strike in the Libyan town of Majer on 8 August, he said there is clear evidence that dozens of civilians, including women and children, were killed.

The Russian ambassador wrote a letter to Rasmussen after the event to seek clarification.

"I received no response from the secretary general. Instead he issued a statement saying that Nato has flown such and such a number of sorties and he said in his statement that no civilians were killed in Libya ... We were shocked."

Speculation that Gaddafi has fled to Burkina Faso

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