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Gillard, "I am the best person for the job" -- in your dreams!
by dasha Saturday, Sep 3 2011, 11:15pm
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The above statement was made by the most unpopular and reviled PM Oz has ever known. Recently Juliar Gillard added the High Court to her LONG list of detractors but it is already widely known that this woman has no integrity whatsoever (Goldman Sachs' Carbon Tax) and CLEARLY serves Washington ('5' new full scale US military bases of occupation in one treasonous move) and minority Corporate interests before she serves the interests of AUSTRALIA and its PEOPLE. Gillard is a very good and obedient servant/lackey but a very bad LIAR and leader -- the worst!

Her deluded statement regarding her personal abilities and fitness for the job is totally UNFOUNDED and absurd, as is demonstrated almost daily! RECORDED in poll, after poll after poll, over 60 percent of Australians VIGOROUSLY disagree with her inflated opinion of herself.

One can't help but wonder what mysterious paralysis/malaise infects Labor politicians; is the Party unable to face the grim reality that GIllard, single handedly, is destroying the entire Party?

See for yourselves, video link to Oz ABC below:

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