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Ban Ki-Moon in Oz for a Rubber Stamp, Puppets Convention
by bluey Saturday, Sep 3 2011, 12:50am
international / human rights / commentary

The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-‘custard face’ Moon, is currently visiting Oz, no doubt to compare kneepads with outgoing Oz prime minster, Juliar Gillard.


Yes, that’s him, the Korean errand boy that sanctioned the Libyan travesty and didn’t utter a timely peep when NATO and rebel forces began slaughtering civilians. Ever heard of a war crime, Mr 'custard' Moon? I mean, look at the two of them; 'F-I-V-E (for fuck’s sake) full scale US military bases Gillard' and 'sanction any crime under the sun Moon,’ two peas in a thoroughly corrupt pod.

Without doubt, these two are the most corrupt, spineless, unswervingly obedient (to criminal Washington) figures in the world today and what a picture they make together!

Gillard, and the Labor Party she is currently destroying single handed, is facing the REAL wrath of the people and may even find herself in court; shameless lackey, custard face Moon is being fitted for a noose, with many other KNOWN mass murdering bastards in high office and positions. You people are dreaming if you think your TRANSPARENT DECEPTIONS are fooling the masses, hit the streets and discover the truth for yourselves, you insular imbeciles!

Whatever the real agenda is, Libyan spoils or the next CRIMINAL campaign in Syria, be well advised, you and your scumbag ilk, are very well KNOWN quantities.

Good luck in Oz ‘custard face’ Moon, and see you in court Juliar. As for you ‘Jethro’ just try and build your bases of occupation, or attempt to make Australia a primary nuclear target. Oz hasn’t had its social/political revolution YET but please, do everything you can to hurry it along, MORONS!

And to think, we have been labouring under the misapprehension that the ruling elite have real experts advising them -- clearly, that is NOT the case. It’s a question of MORALS chaps, and the MASSIVE MORAL MAJORITY; so please, do your dastardly ‘best.’

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