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Who exactly Fears Our Freedoms and Our Inalienable Sovereign Rights?
by nano Thursday, Sep 1 2011, 11:11pm
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

One need look no further than the current Libyan travesty for an answer.

A few important FACTS first. Libya was a debt-free nation with a multi-ethnic population enjoying the highest standard of living in all Africa; indeed above that of many other nations in the world. Libyans also enjoyed free health care and education and most of the benefits of a fast developing modern nation. Libya had established its own multi-billion-dollar Sovereign Wealth Fund and State owned, as opposed to Foreign owned, BANKING system, which functioned outside the reach of the global Reserve Banking System based in New York and London.

In a very real sense the average Libyan was freer in social and financial terms than the debt-strapped, genitally groped average American, so why the need to destroy a nation which should have been a model for all Africa and indeed most developing nations throughout the world?

Today, while the illegal war continues to rage, it is openly known that the CIA and NATO instigated the protests that triggered the Libyan ‘rebellion.’ NATO and the US then PREDICTABLY seized the opportunity to attack the Libyan government when it attempted to restore order and quell an armed insurrection – we all know how American authorities react to armed citizens; a recent incident involving a veteran protecting his home and family ended with the veteran sustaining 71 gunshot wounds by amphetamine crazed and steroid hyped (make no mistake) American police for NO legal reason whatsoever, it later became known. Notwithstanding the American police insanity, it is perfectly appropriate for any government to legitimately attempt to restore order, especially if an armed rebellion threatens the lives of its citizens. In other words the Libyan government response was not only legitimate and perfectly LEGAL, it was required! And had outside forces not interfered, the ‘rebellion’ would have been quelled in no time and stability restored.

However, as was the case in the orchestrated Balkan intervention, other forces had very clear designs on SOVEREIGN, financially independent, Libya.

We note today that (criminal) western forces seized Libya’s entire multi-billion-dollar sovereign wealth fund and hurriedly established a Reserve Bank, “with a governor,” in Benghazi while the conflict was barely weeks old! A rather odd occurrence in a time of instability and war, wouldn’t you think? However, we must not forget that the criminal forces at work FEAR, with a pathological mania, a FREE SOVEREIGN nation independent of their FINANCIAL (debt-slavery) CONTROL.

To cut to recent events; US, NATO, EU and other allied representatives met in Paris to arrange, on behalf of THE GLOBAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEM AND TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATIONS, the enslavement and plunder of a once free nation!

The usual criminal formula was applied. Be assured, whenever you hear the words “AID, RECONSTRUCTION, DEMOCRACY etc,” mentioned by western (criminal) forces it simply indicates massive loans and eternal DEBT in order for other commercial interests to ‘legally’ enslave/impoverish a population and plunder natural wealth and resources – this is the classic method of Bankers and Corporatists; some call it Imperialism but we can be more specific.

Behind these faceless criminal institutions a small minority of psychopaths and criminals (executives) work tirelessly for their own personal gain/PROFIT and to hell with every other consideration, including innocent human life, property and the environment! We have seen their handiwork over the past decade; THEY orchestrated the 9/11 event to JUSTIFY all subsequent illegal, invasive wars of plunder, mass murder and appropriation/THEFT -- look at who stood to benefit most and it becomes clear; notwithstanding the abundance of scientific evidence and expert opinion supporting a conspiracy.

I hope it has become evident that it is not other nations or fanatical religious groups that FEAR and loath OUR FREEDOMS it is the criminal RESERVE BANKING SYSTEM and TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATIONS that FEAR us MOST – do not be deceived, these criminal forces can only rape, plunder, murder and pollute with relative freedom in WORLD that is heavily burdened or 'debt-strapped!'

We should NOTE that no ‘loans’ or ‘reconstruction aid’ -- pretexts for plunder and slavery -- would have been required if NATO and the US had not undertaken an extraordinarily FRENZIED and destructive bombing campaign on Libya; literally, thousands of missiles and high explosive ordnance has been rained on Libya by forces working in the interests of BANKERS AND CORPORATISTS!

Disseminate this story widely and target the real criminals behind all the NEEDLESS, destruction wars, mass murder and environmental vandalism occurring today. Need we ask ourselves how an odorous, unrepentant, self-confessed torturer, war criminal and servant to Corporatists and Banking elites, Dick Cheney, remains free from prosecution today?


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currency reality
by gaz Friday, Sep 2 2011, 9:47am

here's the real deal, R-E-A-L-I-T-Y!

The New York Federal Reserve (privately owned) Bank prints unpegged, therefore valueless, toilet paper (fiat) currency and uses that to pay for REAL agricultural products and the mineral resource WEALTH of other nations. Good trick, ay? I exchange my arsewipe greenbacks for your gold, coffee and other valuable REAL commodities! That is FACT and is without doubt the greatest criminal con of ALL TIME.

Gaddafi, like a few leaders before him attempted to return wealth back to his nation and people by returning to a gold based monetary system. For threatening the greatest currency con of all time, Reserve Banking criminals arranged for Gaddafi's assassination and for Libya to be mercilessly bombed into submission. That is the plain truth, research and verify it for yourselves.

The western mass media has entered a new phase of almost continuous misinformation and propaganda, as was/is clearly demonstrated by the reporting on Libya; complete lies, selective reporting and intentional omissions characterise mass media reporting today. The mass media is NOT your friend and can no longer be trusted, it serves the interests of the minority criminal elites that own it.

Counterfeit Culture
by mike adams via jake - Naturalnews Friday, Sep 2 2011, 11:36pm

Through a devolving web of greed, self-serving power and a departure from fundamental ethics, Western culture has, over the last hundred years, become a counterfeit, fake culture.

Integrity is lost, everything is FAKE; 'reality' has lost its meaning -- the food, money and certainly the evening 'news' is fabricated/manufactured! And because it's not real, it's unsustainable. That's why collapse is INEVITABLE, a prospect which is all too real, as many people are discovering today.

In the mean time, here are some observations about the counterfeit culture in which we all frustratingly find ourselves. It's all about corporations, governments and institutions being "in the business of" counterfeiting something -- faking something or pretending to create something of value when they really aren't. Ring a bell?

The Counterfeit Culture

The Federal Reserve Bank is in the business of counterfeiting money.

The mainstream media is in the business of counterfeiting news.

The pharmaceutical industry is in the business of counterfeiting medicine (Biopracy! They steal molecules from nature then counterfeiting their own patented variations.)

The medical schools are in the business of counterfeiting medical degrees. (When a doctor graduates from medical school, he still knows virtually nothing about nutrition and preventative medicine.)

Doctors are in the business of counterfeiting false medical authority.

The mega-sized Food Corporations are in the business of counterfeiting food. (Processed food product, anyone?)

The global consumer product companies are in the business of manufacturing counterfeit consumer products such a "baby oil" (which is really a petroleum product).

Social networks like Facebook are in the business of counterfeiting friends. (Please 'LIKE' this article, okay?)

Cookie-cutter home builders are in the business of constructing counterfeit homes out of plywood, styrofoam and sheetrock... many these homes will not be standing in just 20 years.

Local city councils are in the business of counterfeiting ordinances and authority. (Obey or be punished!)

The education system is in the 'business' of counterfeiting school diplomas. (Huh? What?)

The Pentagon is in the business of counterfeiting war. (Don't have a nation to destroy? Bomb the World Trade Center and blame the 'terrorists!')

Mainstream historians are in the business of counterfeiting history. (Everything you were taught about history in public school is a lie...)

Globalist Banksters are in the business of CREATING DEBT. (You thought it was money, didn't ya? But it's really just debt enslavement .)

And yet, things that are REAL are called fake

A man who recently stamped his own gold coins -- out of real gold -- was raided and arrested by the U.S. Treasury Department which announced that his GOLD coins were "counterfeit!" (

After the drug companies stole the lovastatin molecule from red yeast rice to create their own statin drugs, the FDA tried to ban all red yeast rice as a dietary supplement, claiming it contained "counterfeit statin drugs."

When the alternative media publishes real news that nobody else will publish, it's called "fake" by the corrupt, openly bought-and-paid-for mainstream media (the OLD media).

Real is fake, fake is real

That's how the world works today, folks: Things that are REAL -- herbal medicine, gold coins, truthful journalism -- are all called FAKE.

Meanwhile, things that are FAKE -- 'fiat' paper money, pharmaceutical medicine, MYTHS of 9/11 and U.S. justifying war, are all called REAL.

No wonder most people feel like their world has been turned upside down. But there's an easy way out: When you see someone from the government moving their lips, and words are coming out, there's no need trying to figure out whether what they're saying, today it's ALL LIES, FAKE RE-PRESENTATIONS!

It's all simpler than you think: If their lips are moving they are LYING, what they're saying is REALLY FAKE, and you can leave it at that.

© 2011 Natural News Network

[So, what are WE going to DO ABOUT IT? I know, stick our thumbs up our asses and hope someone else saves us. Now there's a nice manufactured slave mentality for ya! Even the PEOPLE are FAKE -- unless we right the many wrongs and RESTORE REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT, we deserve our fate!]

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