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Criminal Conspiracy Central, Washington USA
by ivy Wednesday, Aug 31 2011, 12:28am
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The recent exposť of an American government conspiracy to illegally appropriate Libya's oil and other wealth, while leaving the task of assassinating Col. Gaddafi to NATO, is stunning in its clarity and criminal logic. The global population is indebted to Congressman Kucinich for revealing to the entire world the sordid, incriminating, gangster scam.

Kucinich, on the floor of Congress, spelled out in measured tones a REAL CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY planned, incubated and hatched by the US EXECUTIVE.

The fact that Libya IS an orchestrated criminal intervention unfolding before our eyes makes it all the more REAL. This sordid revelation lends HUGE credence to the 9/11 conspiracy theory. If the US demonstrates it's total disregard for human life in order to pursue its avaricious and strategic aims in the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya then what would prevent it doing so in any circumstance?

It doesn't require a huge leap in logic and reason to arrive at the obvious conclusion that the 'official' government version of 9/11 is a TOTAL FRAUD; and that the event was indeed another executive conspiracy implemented to allow the USA to invade, plunder and murder whomsoever they wish under the pretext of a 'terrorist' threat. It follows that the USA is CLEARLY a criminal, terrorist State and that NATO is a criminal confederation -- with the UN cast in a very unfavourable light indeed.

If we allow our political representatives to function above the LAW, without moral values, regulation or other civilised constraints then we should not complain when everything the civilised world has laboured so tirelessly to achieve is destroyed.

I leave you to ruminate over Rep. Kucinich's revelation that the US executive is (UNQUESTIONABLY) a criminal milieu RESPONSIBLE for the most heinous CRIMES KNOWN to HUMANITY. The CIVILIAN death toll verifies the FACT.

See the following link for McClatchy report and video of Rep. Kucinich in Congress:

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