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Unlike mindless Americans, Aussies REJECT unrepresentative LYING Politicians
by baz Sunday, Aug 28 2011, 11:41pm
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The latest galaxy poll held in former PM Ruddís sunny State of Queensland shows Gillardís Labor government at a record low at just 23 percent public support! That is an unbelievably bad result. Of course, the cause is well known; the Labor Party can thank, ďthere will never be a Carbon Tax under a government I lead,Ē Gillard, for that atrocious outcome. The fact that this woman is reviled by the community for gushing to the yanks and allowing them to make Oz a PRIMARY nuclear target with FIVE full scale military bases, while lying contemptuously to the Australian people, may have something to do with it!

An unprecedented FIVE full scale US Military bases of occupation in Oz
An unprecedented FIVE full scale US Military bases of occupation in Oz

Her selling skills have be likened to an armless leper selling ice-cream with his foot and her delivery skills in parliament have been compared to the Zen sound of a long fart! I mean sorry, but words fail to describe this TOTAL LOSS of a politician; but hereís the clincher, the Party is too weak and frightened to jettison DEAD WEIGHT or at least try to re-gain some ground.

The Labor Party with its tenuous minority hold on government is stuck between a rock and political oblivion with Gillard as leader. But deal with the situation they MUST because inaction just leads to MORE bad results -- the people hate her guts, you idiots, DEAL WITH IT!

Wake up clowns, do some quiet deals with a proposed new leader Ė the people do not want another election so soon but would HEARTILY WELCOME the REMOVAL of GILLARD and her detested TOXIC Tax -- at least try to make up some ground or run the very REAL risk of being cast out permanently with the refuse; CIA, Mark Arbib, isnít doing the Party much good either!

Itís Spring in Oz and a full Spring clean is due! And whatever else you do, donít even think unrepresentative politics for at least a decade Ė the people will support YOU if you support THEM, simple! This is Oz, dummies -- look how far Gillard got following American scripts!


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