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War Crime: Preposterous!
by finch Sunday, Jul 30 2006, 10:18am
international / peace/war / commentary

Indirectly confirmed by John Bolton, U.S. Ambassador to the UN (and sociopath) in a public statement; the first casualty of war is LANGUAGE – the needless slaughter of innocent children in Qana by an Israeli airstrike was an “accident of war!” In the face of an obvious war crime it is now incumbent on the Bush regime, especially its representatives Bolton and Rice, to define the rules of engagement and what constitutes a war crime. We do not forget how quick the U.S. and NATO were to condemn war crimes in the Balkan conflict – it would seem that allies of the U.S. (Israel) are immune; their obvious crimes become tragic ‘accidents’ whereas those opposed to the U.S. are war criminals and liable to indefinite incarceration (‘Torture’ Bay) or trial in an ‘independent’ court at the Hague.

I cannot choose between the following two expressions: ‘GIVE US ALL A BREAK!’ or ‘WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO KID?’ No apologies for the descent into the vernacular; the situation warranted common parlance!

The international community will pay a very high price in the near future if it allows the U.S. and its allies to commit crimes with impunity. Redefining terms (to suit) or abusing language is a transparent and unacceptable method of justifying criminal actions; it is in fact evidence of the criminal process! The needless killing of innocent children remains the prime criterion for criminal prosecution in any conflict. Failure to initiate action becomes an indictment for the whole international community – there are no spectators in warfare, we are all participants by direct action or direct inaction! Our lives are diminished or enhanced by our attitude to amoral and immoral behaviour.

The number of innocent children lost to Israeli attacks would constitute an indictment in any international court not managed by the U.S. or its allies – China, Russia and others powers take note! Reticence or failure to act in a decisive and determined manner spells defeat – the USA is extremely aware of its tactics and the international ramifications. If you fail to act now you would have already lost the (certain) future armed engagement, read your own brilliant texts on warfare – be assured, the Americans are extremely conversant with these ancient texts.

The above notwithstanding, the present war is an indictment on all of us if we fail to act for PEACE. Would we have any right of complaint when/if terror and mayhem affects our lives or OUR loved ones?

The present tragedy in Lebanon exposes ALL the major religions of the world as institutions of flagrant hypocrisy. Theologians who remain silent when faced with the slaughter of innocents betray their very temporal priorities; it is clear that the major ‘religions’ are only ideological apparatuses serving themselves and the state. The distinction between church and state is a deception!

We take no sides in the present conflict, ours is the abhorrence experienced as human beings witnessing the degradation of all humanity and the abandonment of values that once separated us from the beasts of the field.

An ancient myth describes the consequences for the entire world of not learning that we are our brother’s keeper. There is a slight inaccuracy with that account; we are in fact our ‘brother!’

We are ONE



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crying in the wilderness
by voice Monday, Jul 31 2006, 6:47pm

One theologian seems to have a conscience:

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