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Elites profit from unspeakable crimes while citizens are jailed on misdemeanours!
by bluey Saturday, Aug 27 2011, 11:58pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

Profiting from Crime is an Offence

To be sure, it was Corporatist puppet Bill Clinton that set the new (PNAC) CRIMINAL agenda rolling with his now proven illegal intervention in the Balkans. Following in his servile knee steps was Bush’s VP and sociopath, Dick Cheney, who is at this moment on tour PROFITING from the sales of his newly released autobiography! This man, Cheney, is a war criminal if ever there was one, however, he parades around the country enjoying the immunity from prosecution that OBAMA granted him and all previous senior members of government; yes, Obama! What does that suggest to you, dreamboats?


If a uniform agenda/policy continues regardless of which party occupies the White House perhaps we do not live in a democracy after all; perhaps 'our' politicians really are corrupt lackey bastards serving elite financial and corporate interests, doh!

Cheney’s former position at KBR/Halliburton, a company that made zillions in Iraq on the blood of over a million INNOCENT civilians, is well known, as was the frantic disregard Cheney had for EVERYTHING that got in the way of Corporate profits – invading US forces made a bee-line straight for the oil ministry in Baghdad, what’s a few hundred thousand dead children, anyway?!

The fact that Cheney lied through his teeth about WMD and (fabricated) ‘terrorist’ connections and that he confessed to authorising TORTURE, domestic spying and kidnapping/illegal detention without trial, becomes irrelevant in a land of spineless jellyfish. CHENEY, AN UNREPENTANT, SELF-CONFESSED CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATH, recently appeared on numerous television interviews arrogantly confirming that he would TORTURE AGAIN if ‘he’ deemed it necessary! What the fuck! WHAT DOES IT SAY ABOUT A SOCIETY THAT ALLOWS A BRAZEN WAR CRIMINAL TO GLOAT OVER HIS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, what MESSAGE does it send about American COWARDICE that such a man remains FREE? Give me, the WORLD and the MORAL MAJORITY an even break, for Christ’s sake!

Cheney is a K-N-O-W-N CRIMINAL sociopath who should be in jail but the REAL ISSUE here is WHAT DOES his FREEDOM and his current profiteering on his grotesque autobiography – a book that should be titled “The Confessions of an American Psychopath” -- SAY ABOUT THE PEOPLE of America and the free world? There is no evading the screaming issue – the ISSUE HERE, it is NOT about Cheney, there’s thousands of criminals like him IN JAILS and psychiatric institutions around the world, the ISSUE, my fellow citizens is WHY HAVE WE ALLOWED HIM TO REMAIN FREE AND ENJOY THE SPOILS of HIS CRIMES WHEN an OUTRAGED POPULATION COULD EASILY remedy the situation? Either we DEMAND JUSTICE or we forfeit our rights altogether, everything in the socio-political world is related.

Remedies are straight forward, we make INSISTENT DEMANDS on OUR LOCAL and NATIONAL political REPRESENTATIVES and vote any party or politician that does not represent the majority, or worse, reneges on promises, out of office pending corruption hearings and possible criminal trials. We would soon uncover the Banker/Corporatist filth behind the controls of our lost democracies and then be able to deal with them (by the neck) appropriately.

I apologise for not continuing with the story but I am spitting chips at the moment.

Have a nice day, dreamboats, and don’t forget to buy Cheney’s book – for fuck’s sake!

Excellent video commentary


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    low moral ground     judd     Sun, Aug 28 2011, 7:44am 
    America The Rule Of Law Is Lost     Dr. Paul Craig Roberts via reed     Thu, Sep 1 2011, 1:49am 

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