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BBC finally addressing a Core issue, Corrupt Banks
by maddie Saturday, Aug 27 2011, 2:08am
international / injustice/law / commentary

At the heart of the world's current problems are the criminal Banksters and Corporatists

Surely, it does not go unnoticed by the broader western journalistic fraternity that CRIMINAL Banksters and RAPACIOUS Corporatists are behind all the wars and social inequities of our time? Mainstream journalism in the UK seems not to have been completely harnessed by elite interests, as is the case in the USA. The following video addresses -- though it could have expanded on the story -- the CAUSE of worldwide political instability, social conflict and war.

It matters not that the USA has been captured by minority interests -- the rest of the WORLD remains relatively FREE, hence the desperate militarism we see America pursuing. The race is on -- will nefarious minority interests succeed in capturing the world, as they have done in the USA or will the world wake, hang the criminal elites and restore peace to ravaged nations and societies? Hang 'em ALL and never forget -- 'the only good executive is a DEAD executive;' they are proven PIGS and murderers, pure and simple!

It's a tentative though important start; I would hope Australian journos aware of the truth gain a little courage and take our servile politicians to task DAILY; the people no longer live in a media shaped 'glass jar' of 'packaged news.'

The Truth is easily sourced from a myriad alternative sources; unless mainstream journalism returns to investigative reporting -- of the ugly and beautiful Truth -- it will continue to slide into irrelevance and be correctly regarded as a propaganda medium for minority interests.

It wasn't too long ago Oz journos exposed the REAL criminals of society without FEAR or FAVOUR. A healthy DEMOCRACY is dependent on the DISSEMINATION of ACCURATE information -- the educated Oz public are not mocked; treating them as mindless American morons comes at a price.

Trust the people, trust yourselves -- together we form the MASSIVE MORAL MAJORITY!


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