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Police Minister, Oz PM Julia Gillard is "Pathetic!"
by street Wednesday, Aug 24 2011, 11:35pm
international / social/political / other press

So what else is new?

Julia Gillard has in her short tenure in the highest office in the land proven herself to be a brazen LIAR, treasonous, incompetent, servile to banking and minority interests, detested by the people and generally "pathetic." After signing off on FIVE (un-mandated) full scale US military bases, which makes Australia a PRIMARY nuclear target, she clearly MUST be removed from office by any means available before she can inflict more damage on the people and nation. Full report from the SMH follows:

"Pathetic," Juliar Gillard
"Pathetic," Juliar Gillard

NSW Police Minister Michael Gallacher says Prime Minister Julia Gillard is "pathetic" and Labor has tarnished the reputation of Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione over the Craig Thomson scandal.

Mr Gallacher fired at state Labor on Thursday during question time in the upper house, following accusations Mr Scipione had interfered in the union credit card affair enveloping Mr Thomson.

"I'm incredibly annoyed in the way [in] which you've hung him (Mr Scipione) out there and that pathetic prime minister who went on Sky TV this morning and had a go at him again," Mr Gallacher said.

"It's an absolute disgrace."

NSW Police are considering allegations that a union credit card issued to Mr Thomson was used for cash withdrawals and to pay for escort services and lavish meals, but police are yet to launch an investigation.

Ms Gillard told reporters in Canberra that she was "deeply concerned" about Liberal senator George Brandis having telephoned Mr Gallacher before sending Mr Scipione information about Mr Thomson.

"Our system of democracy, our system of government, relies on the fact that office bearers like police commissioners, independently of political processes, exercise their best judgment," she said.

But Mr Gallacher accused Ms Gillard of attempting to infer that Mr Scipione may be susceptible to government ministers.

"The dog whistle, the inference is that the commissioner has allowed himself to have had political pressure applied to him with respect to the matter involving the member for Dobell," Mr Gallacher said.

The minister reiterated that he acted appropriately when he contacted Mr Scipione to inform him that Mr Brandis said he would be providing the commissioner with information about Mr Thomson.

"The commissioner indicated that if he did receive any correspondence it would be treated like any other referral," Mr Gallacher said.

"And that is the process that I took at the time, believing it to be the proper process."

2011 AAP


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