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The measure of Oz political spinelessness and Servitude
by gary Thursday, Aug 18 2011, 2:03pm
national / social/political / commentary

Australia’s most obedient PM to the global financial, banking and corporatist elites, JuLIAR Gillard, has once again FAILED to act in the nation’s best interests. In an outrageous intimidation and blackmail, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) – whoever THEY think they are – have forced Gillard to allow apple imports from New Zealand, a nation which has been seriously affected by the highly infectious and destructive apple disease, 'Fireblight.'


Local growers are outraged that Gillard would cave to the DEMANDS of the WTO and risk the clean local industry. But surely her track record and character should be known by now. ‘No carbon tax under a government that I lead’ before gaining office on false pretences and then a complete reversal on that promise under instruction from minority banking interests – Gillard spares no amount of personal shame or negative historical reputation in her zealous endeavours to please her foreign masters. Well, fuck you Gillard!

If any PM deserved a bullet or noose surely this LYING, TREASONOUS, unrepresentative bitch qualifies – notwithstanding the FIVE new full scale US military bases she approved during her gushing visit to Washington (to lick the boots of her FOREIGN masters). This completely un-mandated action effectively makes Oz a primary nuclear target in the event of an American provoked conflict with OUR Asian neighbours!

Local growers are rightfully furious and extremely concerned over Gillard’s lack of spine on the issue; who the fuck is the WTO to ORDER sovereign Australia to accept imports which could JEOPARDISE OUR local industry and damage our economy? Next, and mark these words well, they will be demanding we take American MAD COW beef, and Gillard would doubtless acquiesce to the demands of international Corporations to dump their, dangerous products onto a nation that has maintained excellent quarantine procedures for decades – but to what avail NOW, Ms Gillard, you TREASONOUS BITCH?

If Aussies suffer paying $13/kilo for locally grown bananas to protect the local industry where is the LOGIC in allowing fireblight apples into the country, I ask YOU?

The INDEPENDENTS, if they have any integrity whatsoever, MUST REJECT this OUTRAGE AGAINST THE ENTIRE NATION and insist that Gillard review her decision or risk losing their support for her government. Oz cannot afford to risk its hard won clean agricultural reputation by bending to the will of SELF-SERVING foreigners; if the independents FAIL to act on this CRITICAL issue then let them stand accused with Gillard of serving minority interests at the expense of the nation.

Before an unbalanced, irate citizen decides to take matters into his/her own hands, we suggest that Gillard -- a trained (clearly sub-standard) lawyer -- familiarise herself with the concepts of SOVEREIGN NATION and patriotism. Australian leaders M-U-S-T act in AUSTRALIA’S BEST INTERESTS at ALL TIMES, full stop.

For the sake of the future viability of the nation, Gillard must immediately be removed from office before she can do any more harm.

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