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Putin: the MOUSE that roars
by reg Tuesday, Aug 16 2011, 10:23pm
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Here he goes again with his FEEBLE, verbal PROTESTATIONS, telling the world what it already knows. You refer (video below) to all the criminal US/NATO interventions from the Balkans through to Libya -- they are ALL characterised by Russian inaction, cowardice and PARALYSIS!

Putin even looks like a mouse!
Putin even looks like a mouse!

If you and your 'yellow' allies cannot put a stop to this OVERT criminality from NATO and the US, THEN crawl back in your mouse holes!

The Russian 'BEAR', don't make me laugh!

Russian (in)capability became obvious when you abandoned your cousins the Serbs, even with full LEGAL SUPPORT under International Law and Convention, you chicken shit, Putin! Are you also reading this, 'yellow' dog, Hu? OR are you both happy to quietly accept your share of the blood money spoils and pretend outrage, you corrupt, spineless bastards. The world is easily able to conclude the OBVIOUS today!

There will be hell to pay; no one escapes the wrath of the PEOPLE -- how much longer do you idiots imagine you can hold on and continue to LIE and CHEAT to the GLOBAL, socially aware masses? A few months at best -- ALL politics TODAY is GLOBAL not 'local,' dreamboats!

IT'S OVER IMBECILES, the global 'economy' is joke and so are YOU! 'Elites' my arse, we will soon see you all hanging from trees and light poles! 'Those who do not learn from history ...', you KNOW the rest.

[A final message to all the crewz; a job very well done, we are 5 years ahead of schedule, its coming down like a house of cards, even as i write! Do not slacken now or become complacent, apply extra pressure on every front -- the quarry is cornered, hear its desperate panting!]

We are Many -- We are ONE -- We ARE VICTORIOUS!

Putin, ALL talk, NO action

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