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Superpowers Russia and China at Crossroads
by bluey Tuesday, Aug 16 2011, 12:05am
international / social/political / news report

The leaderships of China and Russia are far more pragmatic and realistic than the self-evident pathological buffoons that run the failing USA. However, it is time the leaderships of both nations made clear to the INTERNATIONAL C-O-M-M-U-N-I-T-Y exactly where they stand in relation to the OVERT/BRAZEN CRIMINAL ACTIVITY of the USA and NATO. It is simply unacceptable for Russia and China to condone the Libyan and other ‘interventions’ in their respective roles as members of the UN Security Council and then make feeble verbal protests when mandates and resolutions are violated and brazen crimes committed by other members.

The world is left wondering whether they too have been bought off with oil/resource spoils criminal invaders hope to steal and divide up after they establish puppet regimes/governments as in Iraq and strategically located, resource rich Australia, yes, Australia – stand condemned JuLIAR Gillard, you (5 new un-mandated full scale US military bases) treasonous bitch!

It is only fair that various criminal leaderships throughout the world be made aware that the scurrilous methods LYING ruling elites have utilised for centuries are NOW widely KNOWN. Minority criminal elites no longer live in the shadows, the bright light of knowledge and awareness has revealed their ugly vile, true faces for all to see – so let’s cut the crap and get to the crux, shall we?

Either stand and fight for JUSTICE, law, order and the elimination of corruption or join Washington and Wall St at the stake, the PEOPLE are NO LONGER amused! Russia and China should be aware that DIVORCED FROM REALITY, antiquated and ossified Western elites are fooling no one; in fact their continued FACILE deceptions are accelerating the rapid social and economic decline of Western nations!

So, Putin and Hu, the next time you voice your feeble protests in pretence of opposition, look to your populations and wonder whether they will accept/tolerate YOUR LIES and corruption. The world is aware that your combined military strength and economic power could vanquish the USA at a stroke – got it? The bullshit is over, ‘comrades;’ either fight with the PEOPLE or be overcome by them. And do not forget, Beijing and Moscow also have an abundance of light poles from which to hang corrupt, criminal leaders – be advised!

As for ‘other-planetary’ American ruling buffoons – the HUGE tide of change and REFORM is upon you, NOW -- and Obama, you are mine, you reprehensible, spineless sell-out!

You people have no idea what you’re really dealing with:

NO ONE is EVERYONE – ANONYMITY is irresistible, continuous POWER!

We are Many – We are ONE -- We ARE UNSTOPPABLE!

Have a nice day elitist morons, and Russian and Chinese leaders, be warned!

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