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Incompetent NATO Openly Commits Atrocities in Libya
by stele - The Australian Thursday, Aug 11 2011, 9:03am
international / injustice/law / commentary

True to form, the North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation -- NATO -- commits more atrocities in Libya. Not content with murdering three of Gaddafi's grandchildren during the initial stages of NATO's criminal campaign in Libya, NATO is now engaging in indiscriminate bombings. Up to 85 civilians, including women, children and INFANTS, have been murdered by NATO during its bombing of Zlitan, a non-military, civilian town southeast of Tripoli.

As no action was taken by the international community after three of Gaddafi's grandchildren were murdered by NATO during an ILLEGAL FAILED assassination attempt on Col. Gaddafi, we expect the same criminal cabals to ignore NATO's latest heinous CRIMES.

THE lifeless body of a small girl was held up for the cameras yesterday as a morgue attendant shouted: "Is this a soldier?"

Arwa Atir Juwaidi, 2, was one of scores of people killed in what the Libyan government said was a series of NATO airstrikes close to the frontline town of Zlitan, southeast of Tripoli.

The alliance said it had no evidence of civilian casualties in the attacks overnight on Monday against what it described as a military staging area for forces loyal to dictator Muammar Gaddafi. An official said military casualties were "very likely".

In a war in which information and perception play as important a role as tanks and jets, the images of wooden coffins on the shoulders of grieving men will make uncomfortable viewing in London and Paris. "Our God is Allah. Praise the martyrs for Libya," the men shouted, as some fired their guns into the air at a ceremony in front of a prayer hall in the tiny town of Majar, 10km south of Zlitan. The Times and other foreign journalists were taken by government minders to witness the burial, visit the hospital morgue and tour what local people said were three residential compounds hit in the airstrikes.

Ali Muphta Hamid Gafez gazed at the chunks of concrete where his house once stood. He said he had lost his daughter, 24, in the attack. His wife, Fattiya Juma al-Borgah, 46, was in hospital after the bottom half of her left leg was amputated.

"NATO bombed us, for what reason?" he said. "We did not do anything to them. We are civilian people. Why did they kill us? We had peace in my house with our family. What did we do to the other countries?"

Mousa Ibrahim, the government spokesman, said that 85 civilians had been killed: 33 children, 32 women and 20 men. He called it a massacre. The regime has declared three days of mourning. "This is a crime beyond imagination," Mr Ibrahim said. "Everything about this place is civilian." It was impossible to confirm the toll independently or the cause of the deaths.

I saw no evidence of any loss of life at the site of the blasts, but journalists were shown the blackened corpses of at least 10 men, two women and two children, including Arwa, who was still in nappies.

Another 20 bodies lay concealed in plastic body bags. Several more were in freezer containers awaiting collection.

At the hospital in Zlitan where the dead were brought, one doctor counted 30 dead, while a medical student on duty said that the number was 37, but then corrected himself to match the official toll of 85.

A NATO official said war planes had targeted a number of former farm buildings that were being used as a military staging post.

2011 News Limited

Warning: this video contains graphic images of death and destruction

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