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Viable alternatives or the dance of the lemmings
by trayn Thursday, Aug 11 2011, 1:18am
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

Currency traders and speculators have just taken 10 cents off the Oz dollar in a huge profit taking sell. Nothing was produced in that purely financial exercise. The profit was made by first inflating value and luring dumber investors, then dumber again until a untenable level was reached; the big players then sold or dumped their Oz dollars and ‘cleaned up’ leaving slower investors to take the smaller share or lose altogether. Now consider the fact that 10 cents was the margin and when you have billions of dollars to play with, 10 cents translates into billions in profits. But I would stress that nothing was PRODUCED in the corporeal world; the entire exercise was digital or abstract.

Nonetheless, someone always pays in the end and the real loss burden always lands in the lap of the dumb, tax paying, working population. One way or the other the assets produced by the average worker, in taxes, funds, savings etc., are always leaned on to REALise abstract profit.

However, for cocaine fuelled traders and speculators, it’s just another (short-term) destructive, days work.

The above illustration is just one example of the game played today in the ‘markets’ of the world. And never a more DESTRUCTIVE game was played. Financial trickery and manipulation reap huge returns without contributing to the broader WORLD community, as the real economy clearly indicates – it is in tail-spin.

But ALL rorts/cons come to an end and this one came to an end in 2008 -- the GLOBAL economy has been on life support ever since. The reality today is that Europe, East and West, is fundamentally broke as are the USA and other non-productive nations while emerging Asian economies are liquid and real production is at high levels.

However, no region is able to support a failed GLOBAL economy. Indeed, globalism is the failure – by connecting and centralising markets it allowed BIG players to accrue swifter profits by vanquishing the available funds in a deregulated global market. Today, however, the well has run dry and printing more toilet paper (fiat) money is not an option though the US will resort to it like a recidivist junkie falls back on Heroin!

The US and its criminal allies have resorted to grand THEFT in order to survive. Over the past decade resources and financial assets have been stolen from weaker nations, however, the perpetrators must carry the stigma of mass murdering CRIMINALS thereafter.

Clearly, committing war and other crimes against humanity is not a VIABLE SOLUTION for the moral, civilised majority but what to do?

Simply, nationalise everything and return all assets back to the nation/people, banks, currencies, infrastructure etc. Re-activate all productive enterprises with a view to becoming as self-sufficient as possible -- unemployment would be eliminated almost overnight and independent nations could then enter into FAIR trade arrangements based on what they are able to offer or trade.

Returning to the principles of national sovereignty would see many nations previously doomed to fail in the globalist model SURVIVE the coming global financial collapse! America is the cause and the disease, the sooner it is shunned by the moral law abiding international community the sooner it will implode. Cut your (dump) DOLLAR assets now, or risk losing the lot in the total collapse of the currency in the very near future.

Nothing will save America, complete disconnect is imperative if you wish to survive. America must be allowed to implode and fail completely if the world would return to a sustainable future.

For nations under threat, have no fear of mass murdering, CRIMINAL America and its few allies; no criminal alliance is able to prevail against a nuclear armed and united (moral) majority/world.


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