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GOOGLE flooding Web sites with 'DOTS' user agent?
by retard Tuesday, Aug 9 2011, 10:08pm
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The partnership of Goggle and the CIA was announced some time back and it seems that a CIA MORON has let loose a user agent called "DOTS," which is now flooding/DoS'ing various web sites around the world.

If the cap fits ...
If the cap fits ...

Interesting info at hand suggests it's political content or news that is being targeted. An affected citizen has RIGHTLY called the person responsible for this 'flooding' a fuckin' RETARD, which supports the theory that it is a CIA app/agent.

The subs from which the floods appear to be originating are:

Both IPs point to Google's head office at Mountain View Calif. It should be noted that Google's crawlers do not show in most logs and blocking annoying MORONIC floods from Google's head office would not affect exposure to Googles crawlers.

[And the CIA/Corporates wonder why they r so easily brought down by script kiddies like Anonymous!]

Our suggestion for Google staff and their CIA 'genius' partners is RENT A BRAIN, you fuckin' MORONS! Surveillance, data trawling and spying are supposed to be surreptitious activities and generally undetectable.

You r now filtered, RETARDS!


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